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Since ‘Shark Tank’: DARTdrones Keeps Growing

Welcome to DARTdrones, “Shark Tank” viewers. You saw Co-Founder and CEO, Abby Speicher, on a special episode featuring millennial entrepreneurs that aired February 24. DARTdrones has grown in many ways since “Shark Tank” was filmed. Here’s a quick look at how our company has changed in a short time.

More Than Doubled Our Flight Instructor Count

DARTdrones now has more than 40 flight instructors. Since “Shark Tank” filmed, we’ve added several pilots who have impressive resumes, including:

DARTdrones Train the Trainers
DARTdrones Train the Trainers Event
  • Karl Schwab, a Marine Corps. veteran who is licensed commercially in multi- and single-engine planes.
  • Randy Eary, who has been a private pilot since 2002.
  • Jack McIntosh, who holds a private pilot certificate with an instrument rating.
  • Jerry White, who has flown commercially and as a corporate pilot.

Up to 48 Cities

DARTdrones offers classes in more than 40 cities. We’ve doubled what we offered since “Shark Tank” was filmed. We now offer training courses in the following cities:

DARTdrones nationwide training

5 New Courses

When Abby went into the Tank, DARTdrones only offered their in-person flight training course. Since filming “Shark Tank,” DARTdrones added a number of classes, including:

  • Drones for Beginners: We knew a lot of ‘Shark Tank’ viewers would be interested in learning more about the drone industry and which drone is right for them. This $19.99 course is a fun video-based course narrated by our CEO, Abby Speicher.
  • In-Person Part 107 Test Prep: Learn how to get your commercial drone license in-person with one of our expert instructors.
  • Online Part 107 Test Prep: Learn how to get you commercial drone license with this comprehensive online course.
  • Starting a Drone Business under Part 107: Learn how to become a drone entrepreneur in this online course.
  • Aerial Photography: Learn how to use your drone to capture stunning photography.

New Drone Consulting Program

DARTdrones has started offering consulting for businesses and government with services including equipment procurement and system design, developing standard operating procedures manuals and UAS integration plans, and submission of airspace authorizations and waivers.

Over 4,000 Students

With so many new cities, instructors, and courses since “Shark Tank” filmed, DARTdrones has reached more students than ever before. We’ve now had more than 4,000 students take our classes from organizations like:

since shark tank

A Growing Team

DARTdrones’ staff has grown since filming, adding professionals to our Human Resources, Marketing and Sales departments. Our website developer has been working hard to revamp our website in preparation for the show. Make sure you check out his nice work: https://www.dartdrones.com/

An Exciting 2017

Beyond success at DARTdrones, 2017 has been an extremely exciting year for Abby. Abby got engaged in Iceland just one week before she pitched on Shark Tank. Abby and Mike (DARTdrones’ Director of Accounting and HR) got married in the Bahamas on January 7, 2017!

In addition to all of these updates, Abby has purchased her fourth purse! (We couldn’t resist!)


Visit https://www.dartdrones.com/part-107-drone-pilot-test-in-person/ Visit https://www.dartdrones.com/drone-pilot-training/ Visit https://www.dartdrones.com/drone-pilot-training-package/ Visit https://www.dartdrones.com/for-organizations/police-fire-drone-training/