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Since ‘Shark Tank’: DARTdrones Drone Pilot Training School Keeps Growing | Updated 2021

Welcome to DARTdrones Drone Pilot Training School, “Shark Tank” viewers! You may have seen CEO and Co-Founder, Abby Speicher, on a special episode featuring millennial entrepreneurs that aired February 24, 2017. Since “Shark Tank” was filmed, DARTdrones has been rapidly growing with new curriculum, employees, offices, and so much more. We are thrilled to share an insider look at how our commercial drone training start-up has changed since 2017.

More Than Doubled Our Flight Instructor Count

DARTdrones now has more than 40 flight instructors. Since “Shark Tank” filmed, we’ve added several manned aircraft pilots to our drone pilot training team who have impressive resumes, including:

  • Karl Schwab, a Marine Corps veteran who is licensed commercially in multi- and single-engine planes.
  • Randy Eary, who has been a private pilot since 2002.
  • Jack McIntosh, who holds a private pilot certificate with an instrument rating.
  • Jerry White, who has flown commercially and as a corporate pilot.

All of these instructors teach drone license courses to prepare students for the FAA Part 107 exam, hands-on drone training, advanced, industry specific drone classes and more.

Drone Pilot Training Now in 28+ Cities

DARTdrones now offers classes in more than 28 cities across the United States. We’ve doubled what we offered since Abby Speicher aired on “Shark Tank”. We now offer commercial drone training courses in the following cities:

15 New Courses and More to Come

When Abby went into the Tank, DARTdrones only offered their in-person flight training course. After filming “Shark Tank”, DARTdrones knew many people would wonder how to become a drone pilot. The company realized there was a need for drone license courses and other types of drone pilot training courses for new and advanced UAV pilots. The company created new curriculum and added a number of classes, including:

  • In-Person Part 107 Test Prep: This in-person drone license course teaches students how to get their FAA commercial drone license with one of our expert instructors.
  • Online Part 107 Test Prep: A comprehensive online course which teaches students how to get a commercial drone license.
  • Starting a Drone Business under Part 107: After creating curriculum about how to become a drone pilot, DARTdrones wanted to teach students how to become a drone entrepreneur as well. This online course will do just that!
  • Aerial Photography: An online course which will teach students how to use their drone to capture stunning photography.
  • Aerial Mapping and Modeling Workshop: A new two-day intensive workshop teaching Aerial Mapping and Modeling using the DroneDeploy software.
  • Aerial Inspections Workshop: A new two-day intensive workshop teaching Aerial Inspections.
  • In-Person Aerial Photography & Videography: An intensive one-day course which teaches students how to produce professional and cinematic drone photos and videos.
  • DARTdrones Wings Program: A comprehensive program consisting of 3 courses in 1. Students will take a flight assessment, verify their Part 107 Remote Pilot’s License, and complete a series of 14 online micro courses to earn their DARTdrones Wings.
  • Search and Rescue, Thermal and Night Operations: A two-day, in-person workshop with our expert public safety instructors which provides hands-on experience in aerial search and rescue missions, thermal imaging, and night operations.
  • Night Flight: Three online drone training courses covering night flight operations, night physiology and guidance on obtaining a night operations waiver.
  • Real-World Flight Planning and Execution Program: 14 scenario-based e-learning courses which take students through interactive sUAS flight issues and emergency scenarios to prepare for real-world missions.
  • Disaster Response: An interactive online course that provides a clear path to understand the challenges of a disaster zone, vital operational factors, the Incident Command structure, equipment considerations, clearance to fly, coordination efforts, ways to help, and more.
  • AUVSI Trusted Operator Program™ Certification Training: DARTdrones became a Level 3 TOP Training Provider, offering TOP Level 1 and Level 2 Certification training. The program is proven to provide drone pilots with a reliable, safe and professional foundation to further distinguish themselves in the market.
  • Drones for Beginners: The company knew a lot of ‘Shark Tank’ viewers would be interested in learning more about the drone industry, which drone is right for them, and exactly how to become a drone pilot. This $19.99 course is a fun video-based course narrated by our CEO, Abby Speicher.
Part 107 Drone Certification

Drone Consulting Program

DARTdrones also offers consulting for enterprise and government teams with services including equipment procurement and system design, developing standard operating procedures manuals and UAS integration plans, and submission of airspace authorizations and waivers.

Over 14,000+ Drone Pilots Trained

With so many new cities, instructors, and courses since “Shark Tank” filmed, DARTdrones has reached more students than ever before. We’ve now had more than 14,000 students take our drone training classes from various organizations across the globe.

Preview our Staring a Drone Business course

Public Safety Grant Program

As a way to give back, DARTdrones pledged over $500,000 in free drone training to over 300 police and fire departments around the country. The 2021 Public Safety Drone Training Grant is currently open for applications and offers funding to departments for courses such as Part 107 Test Prep Training, Flight Training, Search and Rescue Drone Training, Accident Investigation and Aerial Disaster Response Training, as well as various consulting and legal documentation writing services.


As you can see, a lot has happened since we aired on ABC’s “Shark Tank”, and our team plans to continue growing and training pilots in countless industries. If you’d like to learn more about our drone pilot training courses or just learn more about the drone industry, sign up for our newsletter, call us at 800-264-3907 or email us at [email protected].

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WHY DARTDRONES? We have a proven track record for training pilots in dozens of industries.


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