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Learn to Launch and Scale Your Drone Program

There are tremendous benefits to adding drones to your business, but getting started can be complex and confusing. Work with seasoned experts who have helped dozens of companies launch and grow their drone programs. Drone technology is evolving rapidly, making drones more versatile and better equipped for commercial needs. The difficult part is determining how drones fit your organization's specific goals and ensuring your pilots are safe and qualified.


We are your strategic partner for a successful sUAS implementation. Our consultants will help you develop a phased plan for implementing a drone program in your company.

Set Policy

Our consultants work with your legal and management team to develop standard operating procedures for your pilots to ensure that your program is compliant with regulations and ready to scale.

Train Management

It's likely that your management team will be new to overseeing and setting policy for a group of drone pilots. Our consultants advise your management team on common pitfalls in drone programs.

Seasoned Experts

Our consultants are also expert flight instructors. They will provide you and your pilots with all of the information and training needed to launch a drone program and operate the drone safely and efficiently.

DARTdrones has helped over 100 companies start and implement drone programs.

Consulting Services

Drone Strategy Development

A system of recommendations for clients who want to add drones to their organization. Designed to eliminate roadblocks to implementation.

Standard Operating Procedures Manuals

Mission-specific manuals custom tailored for clients to ensure safety, proper maintenance, and efficient operations.

sUAS Program Manager Guide

Customized documentation used to guide corporate leadership in the implementation and management of their sUAS program.

Pilot Development and Management

Our new software allows managers to track their pilots as they progress through training and continuing education.

FAA Waivers

The FAA has laid out all of the regulations and limitations under which commercial sUAS pilots can operate. For some companies, the need may arise to conduct missions outside of these guidelines. Our consultants can help.

Certificate of Authorization Submission

Government agencies such as police departments, fire departments, and public universities may have the option to either fly under Part 107 or an FAA Certificate of Authorization (COA).

Equipment Advice

Some clients do not want to deal with the hassle of purchasing equipment, accessories, or insurance. We do the research and procurement for them, setting them up with the best package for their budget & use case.

Software Advice

Finding the best software to fit your drone needs can be difficult. Our experts build the software to help you use your drone to its fullest extent.
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Meet some of our instructors

Randy Eary

Private Pilot, AGI & IGI

Jerry White

Airline Pilot & Business Owner

Karl Schwab

Software and Systems Engineer

Mark Kurzinski

Retired Navy Pilot turned Drone Business Owner and Instructor

Michael Martin

Avid Drone Photographer

Bryn LeRue

Public Safety Officer & Public Safety Drone Pilot

Matt Bettencourt

Navy UAS Instructor Pilot

Danny Burk

Private & Commercial Pilot & Drone Business Owner

Josh Haddad

Helicopter Pilot and CFI

Sean Pagliari

Private Pilot and Patent Holder

Alex Abatie

sUAS Photographer & Design Director

Mark Fronrath

Owner/Chief Pilot for NC Drone Pro
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WHY DARTDRONES? We have a proven track record for training pilots in dozens of industries.


Our instructors have manned aviation experience flying airplanes and helicopters and have gained the highest drone piloting recognitions in the industry. Many own successful UAS businesses themselves.


As featured on ABC's Shark Tank, we are the nation's leading drone training company with an extensive network of alumni and partners throughout the country.


Created and refined by UAS training experts, including our Director of Training, who is a UAS Navy Curriculum Developer and former Navy helicopter pilot.


With a community of over 50,000 drone enthusiasts across the US and internationally, DARTdrones is at the forefront of UAS technology.

Expert Instructors

Our students absolutely love our instructors! Our classes are engaging, fun, and extremely informative.

Photo of instructor helping student

Advanced Training Courses

We don’t just train our students on the basics. We have extensive advanced training courses to help our alumni succeed in mapping, inspections, disaster response, aerial photography, night operations, and search and rescue.

Step by step guide to earning your drone pilot license

Industry Certified and Vetted Curriculum

Our curriculum has been vetted and certified by AUVSI, the leading UAS industry association, to ensure professional quality.

Instructor Alex flying a drone