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Drone Program Consultations Save your organization time and money by letting us help you launch your internal drone program.

Partnering with you to solve problems like:

  • How do we get our pilots certified?
  • Do we need specific waivers?
  • How do we select our equipment?
  • How do we develop Best Practices?
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There are tremendous benefits to adding drones to your business, but getting started can be complex and confusing

Drone technology is evolving rapidly, making drones more versatile and better equipped for commercial needs. The difficult part is determining how drones fit your organization's specific goals and ensuring your pilots are safe and qualified for flight.

  • Assessments

    Our consultants will help you answer the difficult questions about implementing a drone program. This will help us provide recommendations on next steps to reach your business goals.

  • Strategy

    We are your strategic partner for successful sUAS implementation. Our consultants will go through each step of your business to develop a set of best practices for your drone program.

  • Education

    Our consultants are also expert flight instructors. They will provide you and your pilots with all of the information and training needed to launch a drone program and operate the drone safely and efficiently.

  • Equipping

    We will work with you to determine the best-suited sUAS equipment and software for your business. Our consultants will handle the process of procuring and setting up your equipment.

UAS Program Launch Guide

With so many different uses for drones, it can be difficult to determine how an organization will use drone, who will pilot the aircraft, and which equipment will be used. Let our consultants work with your company to develop the next steps towards making your ideas into reality.

We will help you create policies for:

  • Drone Integration
  • Pilot Standards
  • Minimum Flight Requirements
  • Airspace Considerations
  • Flight Training
  • Aviation Insurance
  • Visual Observers
  • Weather Considerations
  • Crew Coordination
  • Flight Records


There are many factors to consider when building an internal drone program. Our consultants have built customized UAS Integration Plans for organizations of all shapes and sizes.

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Standard Operating Procedures Manual Development

It is important for your company to clearly define its approved UAS flight operations. We offer customized manuals for both project managers and pilots. Let our team build your SOP and give you guidance on:

  • Understanding UAS Operations
  • FAA Requirements and Regulations
  • Administrative Considerations
  • Mission Specific Protocols
  • Pre-Flight Checklists
  • Crew Briefing
  • Aircraft Inspections
  • In-Flight Procedures
  • Data Collection Procedures
  • Emergency Procedures


Our manuals cover all aspects of a drone mission from pre-flight to post-flight. Operating manuals vary from business to business and for each mission type. Our consultants will build the perfect manuals for your team’s needs.

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Airspace Authorizations & Waiver Requests

The FAA has laid out all of the regulations and limitations under which commercial sUAS pilots can operate. For some companies, the need may arise to conduct missions outside of these guidelines. To fly in controlled airspace, drone pilots need to apply for an Airspace Authorization Waiver from the FAA. To go beyond the FAA Regulations under Part 107 such as night flights, an application for a Waiver must be made to the FAA and additional training may be required. Our team can help you navigate this process.

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Certificates of Authorization (COA)

Government agencies such as police departments, fire departments, and public universities may have the option to either fly under Part 107 or an FAA Certificate of Authorization (COA). We will assist your agency in deciding which option best fits your needs. If a COA is the right path for your agency, we can assist in filing a COA application.

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Have Some Unique Needs? Great.

Our experts are the best problem solvers in the industry. We look forward to the next big challenge and are happy to navigate new waters with our partners.

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We are here to help. Contact our team of experts to learn more about getting your drone program off the ground.

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