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Ready to fly your drone confidently?

Learn how to confidently fly drones.

Walk away with the skills to become a safe drone pilot in our one day Basic Flight Training course taught by our expert instructor.

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Why over 4,000 drone pilots have completed this course:

“I don’t want to crash!”

You’ve spent thousands of dollars on a flying computer and don’t want your first flight to end in disaster. Give yourself peace of mind by choosing to fly under the one-on-one guidance of our expert instructor.

“I want to fully understand my equipment.”

Totally! Why would you buy technology this capable if you weren’t going to learn how to use all the bells and whistles? Our third flight session teaches you how to use intelligent navigation modes to take your flights to the next level.

“I need to know how to respond in an emergency.”

Emergencies with drones do happen. Your ideal response will vary depending on your settings, your drone, and the situation. In our second flight session, you’ll have the chance to practice responding to emergency situations.

“I want to be confident I am doing everything right.”

Flying a drone tends to attract a crowd. There is nothing better than being able to get your first flights under your belt with an experienced instructor inches away. Leave the class confident enough in your skills to go home and practice.

5.0 student rating for our Basic Flight Training curriculum!

1Day of

Flight Sessions

8Person Class


Curriculum designed to make you successful

    • Film, Photography, and videography
    • Infrastructure
    • Inspections
    • Emergency services
    • Mapping and surveying
    • Precision agriculture
    • Drones 101 review
    • Primary drone types
    • DJI overview
    • Phantom / Inspire / Mavic specs
    • Standard DJI systems
    • Power system
    • Propulsion & maneuvering system
    • Command & control system
    • Positioning & navigation system
    • Imaging payload
    • Downloading the app
    • Connecting your device
    • Performing firmware updates
    • System status / flight mode
    • GPS / link quality / battery level
    • Camera settings
    • Map / flight telemetry data
    • Verifying system settings & status
    • Performing a compass calibration
    • Startup & takeoff
    • In-Flight stick commands
    • Landing & shutdown
    • Flight logging
    • Multiple flight modes
    • Beginner mode
    • Return to home altitude
    • Maximum flight altitude
    • Aerial photography and film
    • Structural inspection
    • Aerial mapping
    • Loss of control link
    • Fly away
    • Disorientation
    • Low battery
    • Accessing intelligent modes
    • Course lock
    • Home lock
    • Point of interest
    • Follow me
    • Waypoints
    • Active track
    • Tap fly
    • Draw
    • Gesture
    • Tripod
    • Terrain follow
    • Exiting intelligent modes
    • DJI GEO System
    • Battery management
    • DJI Academy / Flight Simulator
    • Flight records

Join over 4,000 pilots who have completed Basic Flight Training

Just got back from the Basic Flight Training class with instructor Kevin Coughlin. It was phenomenal! Kevin was very well prepared and explained, EVERYTHING!! with plenty of time for questions. When it was time for the flights, he just took time to ensure everyone was 100% comfortable with the drones we were using (Mavic 2 Pro and Phantom 4). SAFETY was priority 1!! So happy I took this hands on class, I will be back for others! Well done DARTdrones, well done!

Rick Carpenter, Insurance Specialist and Risk ManagerCassena

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Our curriculum was designed by drone experts to make you successful.

You'll walk away feeling confident on your equipment.

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Amelia Owre

Fire Scout UAS Curriculum Developer, Navy Helicopter Pilot

A former Navy helicopter pilot, Amelia flew the SH-60F, HH-60H & MH-60S before transitioning to unmanned systems. She spent 5 years developing curriculum & training for the Navy’s MQ-8 Fire Sco ut UAS, & continues to instruct UAS operators as a current Naval reservist. Amelia is a graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy & holds a Commercial Pilot Certificate.

Students get 3 outdoor flight sessions

First Flight

Fly your drone for the first time with our expert instructor next to you to ensure your success.

Emergency Procedures

Training for an emergency is the only way to know how to respond in real life. Learn the appropriate steps to take if you experience an equipment failure.

Intelligent Navigation

Drones often have under-utilized capabilities. Learn to take your skills to the next level with intelligent flight modes like orbit, follow me, and point of interest.

This class is perfect for you if you...

  • Are flying a drone for the first time
  • Already fly, but want to take your equipment knowledge and skills to the next level
  • Don’t want to crash your drone
  • Want to take full advantage of your drone's capabilities
  • Want to join the thousands of DARTdrones Alumni across the country!

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