Our Policies

Postponed Classes Due to COVID-19 Policy

Given the unprecedented circumstances, our team is constantly assessing the situation and making determinations regarding postponed classes. If your in-person class was postponed, we will announce makeup dates once groups are allowed to meet again. We will contact you as soon as we have confirmation. We are not currently issuing refunds for postponed courses; however, if we are forced to cancel the training and cannot provide a make-up date, a full refund will be provided.

Cancellation Policy

In-Person Part 107 Test Prep and/or Flight Training: If you cancel within 24 hours of purchase, the full amount will be refunded, as long as the course has not yet occurred. You can reschedule for a different date with no charge up to 14 days prior to the course. If you must reschedule and there are less than 14 days until the course, a $100 processing fee will be required.

In-Person Workshops/TOP/Specialized Training: If you cancel within 24 hours of purchase, the full amount will be refunded as long as the course has not yet occurred. You can reschedule for a different date with no charge up to 21 days prior to the course. If you must reschedule and there are less than 21 days until the course, a $100 processing fee will be required.

Online Class, One-on-One Flight Sessions, Virtual Workshops, and Gift Cards: No refunds will be issued on the purchase of an online course, one-on-one flight session, virtual workshop, or gift cards.

Weather Policy

In-Person: Flying drones is an outdoor activity, and we cannot predict the weather. In the event of inclement weather, we will still host the classroom portion and attempt to work around the weather to make the outdoor flight sessions possible. We will try our best to get the flying in, but due to restrictions, we cannot guarantee flying during a course.

“No Show” Policy

In-Person: You will be unable to re-schedule or receive any kind of refund if you do not show up to a class without prior notice.

Equipment Policy

Insurance and liability protection does not extend to student-owned equipment. As a result, students CANNOT fly their own equipment during any DARTdrones Flight Session unless they provide proof of liability insurance with DARTdrones LLC named as an additional insured prior to the course. DARTdrones will provide appropriate training equipment (typically a DJI Phantom Series sUAS) for each course.

Refund Policy

Any refunds issued that are issued may take 3-5 days to reach your account depending on the policies of your financial institution.  Students will not be eligible for any refund after attending a course. Instructors will take attendance in each course.  Students acknowledge that by attending any portion of a course, they have taken the spot of another eligible student.  It is the responsibility of each student to thoroughly read all course descriptions and policies on www.dartdrones.com and in any other communications.  Students cannot claim a course was “Not as Described” with their financial institution and must resolve any unsatisfactory experiences with the DARTdrones Team. If you receive a free or discounted course as a part of promotion or package and later cancel part of the package, we will subtract the free courses from your refund.

Part 107 “Money Back Guarantee” Eligibilit

If a student completes our Part 107 Test Prep course and achieves a 85% or better on at least 3 practice exams and still fails the FAA Part 107 Exam, we will pay the retest fee for the student to take the exam again. All students taking the Online Part 107 Test Prep course must complete all of the course modules to 100% within 90 days prior to their exam date to be eligible. All students who took the in-person Part 107 Test Prep course must have taken the exam within the 90 days of their class date to be eligible OR have completed each of the online modules within 90 days of taking the exam. To qualify as completing the course modules includes the Night Operations Modules that were added to the course on March 1, 2021. For students who took the in-person course prior to the FAA rule change on March 1, 2021, they will only qualify for the Money Back Guarantee if they complete the Night Operations Course modules. FAA exam questions are not published. The DARTdrones question bank is closely aligned to what you will see on the FAA remote pilot exam, but wording can and will differ. Memorizing our entire question bank will not be sufficient preparation to pass the exam. Students who take the practice test an excessive number of times with unreasonably short completion times will not qualify for the guarantee. Students are only eligible to receive the Money Back Guarantee once. Students must submit their failing test scorecard to our support team for review.

Safety Policy

At all times, a DARTdrones Flight Instructor is the Pilot-in-Command (PIC) for all Flight Sessions. Students MUST follow all instructions, warnings, and guidelines presented by their instructor. Failure to follow instructions may result in ejection from the course without refund.

Class Material Policy

We are in no way responsible for any future change in FAA’s regulations or any new products drone manufacturers’ put out in the market. Our classes are focused on current regulations and products in the market AT THE TIME OF THE CLASS ONLY.

DARTdrones in no way takes any responsibility for errors or emissions in our content or curriculum. The operator is ultimately responsible for understanding all rules and regulations and abiding to those rules. Our course curriculum must not be considered legal advice.

DARTdrones will not copy or distribute our teaching slides, however, students will be given various supplementary learning materials and guides upon taking the course.

Certificate Policy

The FAA is the only entity in the United States that can grant pilot certification.  Any certificate provided by DARTdrones is strictly a Certificate of Completion indicating a student has been delivered the related content by participating in a particular course or set of courses.  This in no way grants the holder any legal or official license or certification.  Students are responsible for taking the necessary steps to earn their Remote Pilot Certificate under Part 107.  Eligibility for a Remote Pilot Certificate is determined by several factors set forth by the FAA including but not limited to the successful completion of the Airman Knowledge Exam, a TSA background check, age, and physical and/or mental condition.  DARTdrones is not responsible for vetting a student’s eligibility.

Unauthorized Resellers Policy

DARTdrones recommends purchasing directly from our corporate site. We have had incidents of unauthorized resellers selling our courses. DARTdrones does not take responsibility for customers who purchased through these vendors and seek refunds, discounts, etc.

Privacy Policy

We use your Personal Information only for providing and improving the service. By using the Site, you agree to the collection and use of information in accordance with this policy. We may ask you to provide us with certain personally identifiable information that can be used to contact or identify you. We will never give out your personal information to any third-party company and will keep your information safe.

Liability Agreement

DARTdrones, LLC ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF RISK, HOLD HARMLESS AGREEMENT, RELEASE OF LIABILITIY AND AGREEMENT NOT TO SUE Acknowledgment and acceptance of this Agreement constitutes a contract. The conditions of the contract are set forth below and will prevent your ability to sue DARTdrones, LLC. If you do not agree with these conditions then do not participate in this event offered by DARTdrones, LLC. YOU ARE SOLELY RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY ACCIDENTS THAT MAY OCCUR DURING THE OPERTION OF THE DRONE OR UAV WHILE UNDER YOUR CONTROL. BY SIGNING BELOW, I ACKNOWLEDGE THAT I AGREE TO TAKE ALL RESPONSIBILITY FOR LOSS AND INJURY. IF NO, PLEASE DO NOT PARTICIPATE ANY FURTHER. I understand and am aware that flying unmanned aerial vehicles is an inherently hazardous and dangerous activity. I understand that participating in any of these activities is purely a voluntary activity, one that involves a risk of serious bodily injury and/or death. On behalf of myself, my children, heirs, executors or assigns, I hereby freely and expressly assume and accept responsibility for any and all risks of injury or death while participating in this activity regardless of any negligence on the part of DARTdrones, LLC, its officers, employees, students, or representatives, or otherwise. DARTdrones and the Flight Instructor are in no way responsible for any firmware update completed. This responsibility lies on the owner of the equipment or the manufacturer. IMPORTANT: I hereby understand that DARTdrones uses a “You Break It, You Buy It” policy. The DARTdrones class is designed to be safe and have students be cautious and controlled. While there have been many documented reasons for crashes it has been determined that the main reason is pilot error. If it is determined that the circumstances leading to any mishap is due to pilot lack of attention, failure to follow instructions, or disregard of safety limitations the student will be required to compensate DARTdrones for any and all damaged equipment. If a DARTdrones piece of equipment is destroyed, the customer will need to purchase the equipment. I understand that there are inherent and other risks involved in operating a drone and or an unmanned aerial vehicle, including the use of flying objects, spinning propellers and equipment that can fall from the sky, as well as the drones themselves. These risks include, but are not limited to: variations in weather, flying close to lift towers, cables, utility lines, pipes, poles, and guy wires. There is also a risk of collision with such obstacles, equipment and natural objects as well as with other pilots, spectators and passing pedestrians. Flying conditions vary constantly because of weather changes and in particular wind. I am aware that I am responsible for my actions when in command of the drone at any time. Outlined herein are only some of the risks of flying drones. For instance, flight conditions may vary with weather changes. All of these and others risks and conditions present the risk for a serious and/or fatal injury. I acknowledge that DARTdrones, LLC has no responsibility or control over the conditions at the flight zone. In consideration of my participation in the activities of flight training, I hereby agree to accept full responsibility and assume all risks to my health, of any injury or death that may result from such participation. I agree not to sue DARTdrones, LLC or any company affiliated with its officers, employees, students, or representatives, or otherwise. I hereby release and discharge DARTdrones, LLC, its officers, employees, students, volunteers and their assigns, representatives and successors from any liability to me, my personal representatives, estate, heirs, next of kin, and assigns for any and all claims and causes of actions for loss of or for damage to my property and for any and all illness or injury to my person, including my death, that may result from or occur during my participation in the activities of drone flying whether caused by negligence of the company, its trustees, officers, employees, students, or representatives, or otherwise. I further agree to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless DARTdrones, LLC, its officers, directors, employees, agents, volunteers and assigns from and against liability, losses, damages, claims, causes of action, cost or expenses (including reasonable attorneys’ fees) which directly arise out of my negligence or intentional acts or omissions arising out of or incident to participating in the activities of drone flying and or training. I ACKNOWLEDGE AND REPRESENT THAT I AM OVER THE AGE OF 18 YEARS AND HAVE CAREFULLY READ THIS ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF RISK, HOLD-HARMLESS AGREEMENT, RELEASE OF LIABILITY AND AGREEMENT NOT TO SUE. I UNDERSTAND AND ACCEPT ALL TERMS, CONDITIONS, AND RISKS STATED HEREIN. I UNDERSTAND IT TO BE A RELEASE OF ALL CLAIMS AND CAUSES OF ACTION FOR MY INJURY OR DEATH OR DAMAGE TO MY PROPERTY THAT OCCURS WHILE PARTICIPATING IN THE ACTIVITIES OF FLYING DRONES OR UNMANNED AERIAL VEHICLES IT OBLIGATES ME TO INDEMNIFY DARTDRONES, LLC AND THE PARTIES NAMED FOR ANY LIABILITY FOR INJURY OR DEATH OF ANY PERSON OR INCLUDING ME AND DAMAGE TO PROPERTY WHICH OCCURS TO ANY PERSON OR MYSELF AS A DIRECT RESULT OF MY NEGLIGENCE OR INTENTIONAL ACTS OR OMMISIONS. I ACKNOWLEDGE THAT THIS AGREEMENT SHALL BE BINDING ON ME, MY HEIRS, ASSIGNS, PERSONAL REPRESENTATIVES AND ALL MEMBERS OF MY FAMILY.

I hereby consent to be considered a participant in the commercial UAS operation when the DARTdrones pilot conducts a demonstration flight. I acknowledge that DARTdrones courses are specifically catered to recreational drone users and emergency services personnel. I understand the DARTdrones course does not permit me to operate commercially and only by passing the Airman Knowledge Test (Part 107) administered by an FAA-approved testing center will I be authorized to fly commercially. I understand that DARTdrones does not advise me to fly my drone without in-person training with a DARTdrones flight instructor. I consent that during the DARTdrones course I have not been paid to attend and that I am a recreational user.


The novel coronavirus/COVID-19 (Covid-19), has been declared a worldwide pandemic by the World Health Organization. Evidence has shown that Covid-19 can cause serious and potentially life-threatening illness and even death. Because DARTdrones, LLC events are open to other individuals, I recognize that I am at an increased risk of contracting Covid-19. DARTdrones, LLC cannot prevent you from being exposed to, contracting, or spreading Covid-19. By choosing to attend and/or participate in DARTdrones, LLC events you may be exposing yourself to and/or increasing your risk of contracting or spreading Covid-19, and you are choosing to accept the risk of contracting Covid-19.