Karl Schwab

Software and Systems Engineer
Houston, TX
  • Aviation Experience

    22 years
  • Expertise

    Computer Vission Camera Array technology, Mapping and Surveying, Design and Implementation of electrical and software components
  • Drone Instructor Hours

  • Pilot Rating

    Commercial Multi/Single Engine with Instrument rating, Small Unmanned Aerial Systems
Karl Schwab is a DARTdrones Flight Instructor, an sUAS pilot focused on tower inspections, and a member of the National Tower Erector Association’s UAS Committee. Karl is a US Marine and computer programmer who worked for many different Department of Defense contractors including BAE Systems, Raytheon, United Defense, and has accrued over 27 years of Software and Systems Engineering experience working on Weapon/Turret, Command and Control, Embedded Missile and other various types of systems. He is a commercially licensed pilot in both Multi and Single-Engine Airplanes with over 1,300 hours of flight time and has an instrument rating. He currently designs and implements multi-camera sensor systems for drone platforms and utilizes his Part 107 commercial privileges almost daily.