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Consider This Before Buying a Security Drone

When it comes to the security of your business there is no room to mess around. You worked far too hard and much too long for an outside force to destroy what you built. You may have mounted cameras and alarms but have you ever thought about implementing a security drone? Drones are being used in many different ways in the commercial world to help businesses operate efficiently, but now surveillance drones can keep your business secure.

If you are here, on this page, reading this post, then it is safe to assume you have thought about using a drone for security. Also, it is safe to assume that you are uncertain on which type of drone to purchase. No worries, we’re here to help!

Buying a security drone may seem like a daunting task. There are hundreds of products, reviews and blogs out there telling you which drone is the best. But the truth is that you do not need the “best” drone. What you need is the drone that fits your business best.

What do YOU need?

First, you need to identify the specific reason you need a security drone. What is the purpose? How much land is it going to monitor? How high is it going to fly? What type of camera or imaging system do you need? What flying conditions will it operate in? Do you intend to use the drone for indoor or outdoor monitoring? These are the types of questions you need to answer before purchasing a security drone.

Also, it is extremely important to make sure that you or your pilot is FAA Part 107 certified before operating a drone for commercial purposes.

Things to consider

Keep the following characteristics in mind before purchasing a drone for your business:

  • Size – Security drones vary in sizes. Some are as small as soda cans and others are as large as refrigerators. Smaller drones have an obvious security advantage. They make less noise, harder to spot and offer easier maneuverability. Larger drones can carry larger cameras and more attachments but are far less discrete. Small drones are well suited to indoor environments and many are equipped with positioning sensors allowing them to maneuver exceptionally well in enclosed environments without GPS. However, real-world weather conditions often necessitate the use of larger drones to handle changing wind conditions and precipitation (some drones are weatherproof).
  • Camera – You are going to need a drone that comes equipped with a high-quality camera. Pretty much all of the drones on the market come with very good cameras but if you are going to be operating at higher altitudes or in foggy climates then you may want to upgrade. Thermal and night vision cameras are also now available as add-on features for many drone platforms. A blurry image of a burglar doesn’t help anyone…except for the burglar.
  • Flight time – A security drone that can stay in the air for a good duration of time is something you will definitely want. Otherwise, you will constantly have to land the drone and swap out the battery. This is a problem because a drone on the ground is not capturing any security footage.
  • Range –  Large land plots like farms or areas where interference may be expected, such as utility facilities, then you will want to choose one with longer range capabilities and/or a robust command and control communication system designed for industrial environments. If you plan on using the drone to monitor office space or a garage then you may not need the extra range.
  • Handling/Stability – If you are inexperienced that you will need to find a drone that is easy to operate. Many people have different opinions on which drone is easiest to fly but it really comes down to preference. You must also take into account your flying conditions. Different drones will be more or less capable depending on wind speeds and various operating altitudes.

Taking the next step

Once you have a full understanding of exactly what tasks you will need your security drone to perform, you can then begin looking for the perfect fit. Check back for Part Two of this blog post in which we will dive into our favorite security drones.

It is important to remember that privacy concerns and laws related to the use of drones are still in a state of discussion and evolution. Before using a drone for ANY surveillance application, it is important to understand the applicable laws in one’s own state and/or municipality.

For more information on becoming Part 107 certified, launching a drone program, or advanced drone training options – please visit or call 800.264.3907

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