Drone Certification Program Standardizing Drone Pilot Qualifications

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The Only National Drone Certification Program

Having a Part 107 remote pilot license simply isn't enough to prove that a drone pilot is ready to complete a complex mission. The DARTdrones Drone Certification Program is designed to create baseline pilot standards for specific UAS missions.

  • Nationwide Coverage

    The DARTdrones Certified Evaluators are available nationwide to perform certification check flights.

  • Mission Specific Check Flights

    Every industry uses drones differently. Our program is designed to ensure that remote pilots are qualified to execute industry specific unmanned flights.

  • Creating Organizational Standards

    Businesses no longer have to wonder if a remote pilot is qualified for a job. Our Certification Program takes the guess work out of hiring remote pilots.

  • Developed By Experienced Drone Operators

    The program was created by leveraging the extensive experience of the DARTdrones team of pilots. Our Evaluators are experts in the industry specific utilization of UAS.

DARTdrones Drone Certifications

Aerial Mapping


Aerial Inspections


Public Safety


Aerial Media


Aerial Security


Aerial Real Estate


Hoping to Get Certified? Great.

The DARTdrones Drone Certification Program will launch in Summer 2017. Join our waitlist to be notified of available certification time slots.

Join Our Waitlist

We are launching the DARTdrones Drone Certifications in Summer 2017. We will provide certification slot sign ups in order of waitlist.

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