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Part 107 Drone Pilot Test Prep Ace your Part 107 exam with our online Test Prep course to become a FAA certified commercial drone pilot.

Online Course

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We have everything you need to prepare for your Part 107 exam.

The new FAA regulation for commercial drone pilots, called Part 107, requires you to pass a written exam called the Airman Knowledge Test. This sixty question, two hour exam requires 20+ hours of studying from drone pilots. Our Part 107 Test Prep course was crafted by our expert curriculum development team to fully prepare our students to pass the exam and has equated to a 99% pass rate for our students.

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This online course includes

  • Interactive Online Part 107 Test Prep

  • 300 Part 107 Test Questions

  • 45+ Page Student Guide

  • Real Time Updates to Course Curriculum

  • Access to Our Chief Pilot for Questions

  • Course Narrated By Navy Helicopter Pilot

Get ready to ace your Part 107 exam today.

Sign up now to activate your online account and gain instant access to all of our Part 107 lessons, videos, study guides, and more for 6 months. We look forward to getting you launched and training as a Certified UAS Pilot.

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Part 107 Test Prep
Course Curriculum

  • Lesson 1
    Regulations Under Part 107

    • Drone Pilot In Command
    • Registration Requirements
    • Eligibility Requirements
    • Conditions for Safe Operations
    • Waiver Policy
  • Lesson 2
    Airspace Classifications

    • National Airspace System
    • Air Traffic Control
    • Clearances and Permissions
    • Uncontrolled Airspace
    • Controlled Airspace
  • Lesson 3
    Aviation Weather for Drone Pilots

    • Internet Weather Briefings
    • Flight Planning with Weather
    • Reading METARS
    • Stages of a Thunderstorm
    • Types Cloud Formations
  • Lesson 4
    Flight Restrictions

    • Restricted Areas
    • Filing NOTAMS
    • Special Use Airspace
    • Military Training Routes
    • VFR versus IFR Flight Rules
  • Lesson 5
    Airport Operations for Drone Pilots

    • Operating Near an Airport
    • Traffic Patterns
    • Heliports
    • Determining Airspace with Sectional Chart
    • Runway Markings
  • Lesson 6
    Radio Communications for sUAS Pilots

    • Controlled Tower Communication Procedures
    • Phonetic Alphabet
    • Airport Terminal Information Service
    • Self-Announcing Procedures
    • Common Traffic Advisory Frequency
  • Lesson 7
    Loading and Performance for Unmanned Aircraft

    • Center of Gravity
    • Balance and Stability
    • Performance Data Predictions
    • Aircraft Loading Procedures
    • Maintenance Procedures
  • Lesson 8
    Crew Resource Management and Aeronautical Decision Making

    • Requirements of Pilot In Command
    • Situational Awareness
    • Hazardous Attitudes
    • Effective Communcation
    • Task Management for Drone Pilots
  • Lesson 9
    Hazards to Unmanned Flight

    • Reporting In-Flight Emergencies
    • Fail Safe Procedures
    • Airborne Inspections
    • Wildlife Hazards
    • Lithium Battery Hazards
  • Lesson 10
    Physiology for Drone Pilots Under Part 107

    • Impacts of Drugs and Alcohol
    • Vision Impairment
    • Determining Fitness for Flight
    • Physiological Considerations
    • Part 107 Regulations Requirements
  • Lesson 11
    Preparing for the Part 107 Exam

    • Registering for Airman Knowledge Test
    • 300 FAA Part Test Questions
    • Best Study Practices
    • Applying on IACRA
    • Applying for Remote Pilot Certificate

Professional Drone Curriculum Development Team

Our team of experts spent months developing this course to ensure our students pass the exam and become Part 107 certified drone pilots.

Amelia Owre

Curriculum Developer for the US Navy’s UAS Program

Roger Hall

Retired Firefighter and FAA Ground School Instructor

National Team of Expert Drone Pilot Flight Instructors

Award winning manned and unmanned pilots.

Part 107 Test Prep FAQs

What is Part 107? Why do I need it? How do I get it?

In August of 2016, the FAA launched new rules for commercial drone pilots under the FAA regulations called Part 107. The new rules allow people interested in flying their drones for a profit or commercial use to gain a license from the FAA to fly their drone for commercial purposes after passing a 60 question, 2 hour exam offered at an FAA testing center. (The old rules used to require a 333 exemption and a manned aircraft pilot’s license. This is no longer necessary.) Someone new to aviation could commit 15 – 20 hours of study time and be ready to pass their exam. The cost to take the exam is $150, paid to the testing center. DARTdrones does not offer locations to take the exam, but it’s really easy to book it at one of the FAA’s 690 testing centers across the country. Once you pass the exam, you get your certificate within a few weeks and are able to fly commercially.

How long do I have access to the Part 107 Test Prep Course?

Drone pilots have access to our course for six months.

How long is the online Part 107 Drone Pilot Test Prep course?

The course is completed at your own pace, but you can expect to commit 8 – 15 hours before feeling ready to take your exam. The 300-plus practice test questions can take several hours to complete.

Why should I choose DARTdrones for my FAA Part 107 Test Prep?

DARTdrones is the national leader in drone training. This course was developed by a leading curriculum developer in the drone industry with input from our over 40 Flight Instructors.

What comes with the Part 107 Drone Pilot Test Prep course?

The course includes extensive video-based training curriculum, a 45-plus page student guide, over 300 practice test questions, advanced learning management technology, and access to our Chief Pilot for any questions.

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Did you know? We also offer in-person test prep!

We offer small classes nationwide with hands-on learning with one of our experts.

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