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Corporate Drone Training and Consultations Build a professionally trained and safety conscious team of drone pilots for your company.

Partnering with you to train your team on:

  • Equipment Specific Training
  • Mission Specific Training
  • Part 107 Test Prep
  • Thermal Imaging and FLIR
  • Emergency Procedures
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Launch an Effective Commercial Drone Program

Get your employees comprehensive, in-person UAV training. Our elite team of U.S. pilots provide flight instruction, FAA test preparation, industry-specific drone training and more.

  • Flight Training

    Our top flight instructors teach your team how to fly and operate drone and UAS technology. Students receive hands on instruction for your organization's preferred UAV make and model.

  • FAA Part 107 Exam Prep

    Operating drones for commercial use requires FAA certification. Keep your team FAA compliant. We prepare students to ace the FAA's Part 107 Airman Knowledge Test and get legally certified.

  • Mission Specific Training & Certification

    We train and certify drone pilots in specialized applications for a variety of industries. From aerial photography and FLIR thermal imaging—to inspections, surveying and beyond—we train your drone pilots for your unique business needs.

  • Corporate Consulting

    We work with you to develop successful business strategies and corporate UAV programs. We're your strategic partner for successful UAV implementation: Standard Operating Procedures Manuals, FAA Waivers and Airspace Authorization, UAS Integration Plan, Equipment Procurement, and more.

Private Professional Corporate Training

UAS Equipment Specific Training


Your team will gain expert mastery in drone flight and UAS operations. Students receive hands on instruction for your company’s preferred UAV make and model. DARTdrones trains pilots to fly a wide variety of drones, and specializes in DJI’s Matrice, Mavic, Phantom and Inspire.

Course lessons include:

  • Launching, flying & landing
  • Advanced maneuvers
  • Programmed flight paths
  • Emergency procedures


Part 107 Test Prep and Safety Training 


Operating drones for commercial use requires FAA certification. We prepare your drone pilots to ace the FAA’s Part 107 Airman Knowledge Test and get legally certified.

Designed by U.S. Navy pilots and FAA experts, our test preparation is comprehensive, reliable and always up-to-date with current FAA requirements.

Course lessons include:

  • Regulations Under Part 107
  • FAA Flight Restrictions
  • Airspace Classification and Chart Study
  • Emergency Procedures
  • Airport Operations
  • Radio Communications
  • Aviation Weather
  • Crew Resource Management and Aeronautical Decision Making
  • Loading and Performance


Mission Specific Training


We train drone pilots for a wide variety of industries and business sectors, including broadcast journalism & mass media, security, utilities, GIS geospatial, telecom, insurance and agriculture.

Train your employees to use drones for your unique business needs. Our elite team of UAV experts are available to train your pilots on mission specific best practices for:

  • Thermal Imaging & FLIR
  • Aerial Photography, Videography & Cinematography
  • Aerial Mapping
  • Aerial Surveying
  • Inspections (Tower, Pipeline, Turbine, Powerline)
  • Night Flight Operations

UAS Integration Consulting Services

Partner with DARTdrones to successfully leverage drones and UAS for your business. A trailblazer in the commercial drone industry, DARTdrones has been the go-to strategic partner for companies looking to build innovative UAV programs. DARTdrones works shoulder-to-shoulder with executive leadership to build commercial drone strategies and corporate UAS programs from the ground up.

From developing standard operating procedures and custom processes, to navigating FAA airspace authorizations and waivers, DARTdrones is the nation’s top UAS partner for successful corporate implementation.

DARTdrones Commercial UAS Experts can help you:

  • UAV Business Strategy & Planning
  • UAS Program Assessments, Audits, and Development
  • Standard Operating Procedures Manuals
  • FAA Airspace Authorizations & Waivers
  • UAS & Drone Pilot Staffing
  • Equipment Procurement

Drone Certification Program

DARTdrones offers a certification program for commercial drone pilots with specialized skillsets. Pilots wishing to obtain a DARTdrones certification must fulfill the mandatory number of flight hours, requisite training, and must pass the in-person certification exam.

DARTdrones commercial certifications are available for the following specialties:

  • Aerial Mapping Certification 
  • Aerial Inspection Certification 
  • Public Safety Certification 
  • Aerial Media Certification 
  • Aerial Security Certification 
  • Aerial Real Estate Certification 
  • Aerial Surveying Certification 

We have trained over 4,000 drone pilots from organizations such as

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