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The Sky is The Limit – New Industries Embracing Commercial Drone Programs!

The drone industry is continuously expanding with new sUAS models and industry specific initiatives that are targeting different segments of the commercial drone market. Take a look at the below industries that are embracing drones and launching commercial drone programs.

Oil and gas

Commercial drone programs are being launched in the oil and gas industry for the valuable benefits they present. UAVs in this industry are being used for aerial mapping, monitoring, and inspecting pipelines and other various structures. These devices can quickly collect high resolution images and video of plants, platforms and pipelines. A drone that is equipped with thermal imaging or optical gas imaging can safely and efficiently locate problem spots or hazards that otherwise would require rope access or scaffolding.

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Inspections and Insurance

By now, you may have heard talk about some of the benefits of using drones for inspections and other insurance purposes. Some benefits being: diminishing risks for insurance claims adjusters, increasing accuracy of inspections, and saving time and money. With aerial photography and videography, insurance professionals are able to analyze buildings and other infrastructures more efficiently than ever. Since time is money, this is very beneficial to many companies. LexisNexis Risk Solutions recently did a study that shows 38% of insurers are no longer sending human employees to conduct physical inspections. They are instead sending drones. This percentage is forecasted to keep growing. Did you know: Farmers Insurance just launched a drone program to enhance the claim’s process for residential customers!


According to a study conducted by DroneDeploy in August 2016, 130 countries have mapped over 5 million acres using drones. With drone mapping software and technology getting better and better, the industries and number of acres being mapped is going to keep growing. The below industries are just a few that are utilizing mapping and creating commercial drone programs.

  • Agriculture
  • Construction
  • Mining
  • Surveying
  • Real estate
  • Inspection
  • Education

Emergency Services

Many emergency departments have been utilizing drone training and launching commercial drone programs. With the numerous advantages of using unmanned aerial vehicles, these devices are being used to keep public safety professionals and communities safe. Take a look at a few use cases:

  • Search and rescue
  • Wildfire operations
  • Structural fire operations
  • Fire scene investigation
  • Fire pre-planning
  • Tactical operations
  • Suspect pursuit
  • Accident/crime scene mapping
  • Hazmat incidents

Our Chief Public Safety Flight Instructor, Mike Uleski, comments: “For years, we have seen public safety use of unmanned aerial systems lag behind many other industries that are successfully integrating the technology into their day-to-day operations. As a whole, aviation in public safety is a very small segment, primarily due to the cost of a manned aviation unit. Unmanned aerial systems break this mold and provide a cost effective solution to have the advantages of an air support unit. Many agencies are still looking for a proof of concept of the technology. However, this new technology has shown the potential of being able to save lives in the role as a search and rescue tool, and it is being noticed. In the past few months the number of public safety agencies integrating unmanned aerial systems into their day to day operations has grown exponentially. This trend will only continue to grow as unmanned aerial systems provide not only the ability to improve lives, but to save lives.”

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The implementation of commercial drone programs in all of these industries is also going to positively affect the drone job market. DARTdrones offers Part 107 and drone training to get you prepared to fly a commercial drone – and possibly work in one of these industries! Visit or call us at 800-264-3907 to learn about our drone courses.

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