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Our elite team of instructors provide drone training in over 40 cities

Federal Agencies

As an agency with national jurisdiction, it is critically important that our drone based products are standardized. Using a training program that is able to train a national team to scale is critical to the success of the NTSB UAS program.

Bill English
Senior Air Safety Investigator, National Transportation Safety Board - NTSB

50+ Public Safety Departments Trained

The hands-on training was excellent. We all got plenty of flight time, and we took our 107 test on Friday and all passed with flying colors.

Darren Foster
State Police Sergeant/ Sr. Crash Reconstruction Specialist, Maine State Police

Custom On-Site Training

I want to express my sincere gratitude for providing this valuable training - it was one of the top 3 or 4 classes I have ever attended in my 40+ years in the emergency service arena! It was worth every cent!

Donald Janelle
Deputy Director, Manchester Emergency Management

Helping Build
Commercial Pilots

Took the online course offered by DARTdrones to prepare for the Part 107 Exam. Went in today and finished the test in just over an hour. Extremely happy to announce that I PASSED! This course helped me tremendously. Thank you, DARTdrones.

Brad Miller

Our Courses

*Most Popular!*

Professional Drone Pilot Package

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In-Person & Online Courses

$ 1450
  • Hands-On Flight Training: Mavic, Phantom, Inspire

    Ready to fly drones? Learn to fly the Mavic, Phantom, or Inspire with our hands-on flight sessions and classroom training taught by our expert instructors in 40+ cities.


    $ 580
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  • In-Person Part 107 Test Preparation

    Need a drone license? Prepare for the FAA drone license exam in our full day classroom training with our expert pilots.


    $ 670
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  • DARTdrones Wings Program

    A 3-step program to differentiate yourself from other drone pilots and showcase your sUAS safety and expertise.


    $ 1649
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  • Real-World Flight Planning & Execution Program

    11 scenario-based e-learning courses take you through interactive sUAS flight issues and emergency scenarios to get you ready for real-world missions.


    $ 399
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  • Hands-On Flight Training: DJI Matrice 200 Series

    Learn to fly the DJI Matrice 200 Series in this one day course offered in a few cities across the country.


    $ 790
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  • Online Part 107 Test Preparation

    Need a drone license? Prepare for the FAA drone license exam with our comprehensive online test prep course.


    $ 250
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  • Aerial Mapping and Modeling Workshop

    Elevate your career in aerial mapping and modeling. Develop the skills you need to effectively gather, analyze and export mapping data.


    $ 1490
    Learn More
  • Aerial Roof Inspections Workshop

    Elevate your career in aerial roof and structural inspections. Develop the skills you need to fly, gather, and analyze roof inspection data.


    $ 1490
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  • Drones for Beginners

    New to the drone industry? This online video based course answers the most common questions about drones.


    $ 19.99
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  • Starting a Drone Business

    Starting your own drone services company? Learn about strategy, marketing, finding customers, operations, legal issues, and insurance.


    $ 300
    Learn More
  • Online Aerial Photography

    New to photography? Learn to use your drone's camera like a pro to capture stunning aerial imagery and video.


    $ 100
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  • Night Flight Package

    With decreased visibility and equipment limitations, sUAS night operations take special preparation and execution. Get ready to fly your drone at night with this interactive, online learning program.


    $ 299
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