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"Put your worries aside and take the plunge"

The experience was FANTASTIC! I completed the Beginner Flying course on Saturday and the Test Prep 107 on Sunday. Karl was very knowledgeable and taught the class with inspiration. Saturday was the first time I had ever flown a drone, and Karl made the experience memorable to say the least. On Sunday we went over the 107 test prep class and again Karl made the information understandable to a newby like me and lit a fire for wanting to absorb the information. If you have been hesitant to just jump in as I was for about two years, put your worries aside and take the plunge. I give thanks to Karl and DARTdrones for their knowledge and professionalism and the willingness to share.

George Rodriguez

3 best selling courses, 1 weekend, and 32 hours of material designed to make you an expert in drones

    • Film, Photography, and Videography
    • Infrastructure
    • Inspections
    • Emergency Services
    • Mapping and Surveying
    • Precision Agriculture
    • Drones 101 Review

    • Types of Drones
    • DJI Overview
    • Phantom / Inspire / Mavic Specs
    • Standard DJI Systems
    • Power System
    • Propulsion and Maneuvering System
    • Command and Control System
    • Positioning and Navigation System
    • Imaging Payload

    • Downloading the App
    • Connecting your Device
    • Performing Firmware Updates

    • System Status / Flight Mode
    • GPS / Link Quality / Battery Level
    • Camera Settings
    • Map / Flight Telemetry Data

    • Verifying System Settings and Status
    • Performing a Compass Calibration
    • Startup and Takeoff
    • In-Flight Stick Commands
    • Landing and Shutdown
    • Flight Logging

    • Multiple Flight Modes
    • Beginner Mode
    • Return to Home Altitude
    • Maximum Flight Altitude

    • Aerial Photography and Film
    • Structural Inspection
    • Aerial Mapping

    • Loss of Control Link
    • Fly Aways
    • Disorientation
    • Low Battery

    • DJI GEO System
    • Battery Management
    • DJI Academy and Flight Simulator
    • Flight Records
    • Pilot In Command
    • Registration Requirements
    • Eligibility Requirements
    • Conditions for Safe Operations
    • Waiver Policy

    • National Airspace System
    • Air Traffic Control
    • Clearances and Permissions
    • Uncontrolled Airspace
    • Controlled Airspace

    • Restricted Areas
    • Filing NOTAMS
    • Special Use Airspace
    • Military Training Routes
    • VFR versus IFR Flight Rules

    • Reading Sectional Charts
    • Chart Legend
    • Navigation Basics
    • Chart Interpretation
    • Difficult Chart Test Questions

    • Operating Near an Airport
    • Traffic Patterns
    • Heliports
    • Towered and Non-Towered Airports
    • Runway Markings and Signage

    • Controlled Tower Communication Procedures
    • Phonetic Alphabet
    • Airport Terminal Information Service
    • Self-Announce Procedures

    • Internet Weather Briefings
    • Micrometeorology
    • Reading METARS
    • Stages of a Thunderstorm
    • Types of Cloud Formations

    • Scheduled Maintenance
    • Unscheduled Maintenance
    • Preflight Inspection
    • Record Keeping
    • FAA Inspection and Testing

    • Requirements of Pilot In Command
    • Situational Awareness
    • Hazardous Attitudes
    • Effective Communication
    • Risk Management for Drone Pilots

    • Basic Aerodynamics
    • Aircraft Loading
    • Weight and Balance
    • Stability and Control
    • Center of Gravity

    • Reporting In-Flight Emergencies
    • Fail Safe Procedures
    • Airborne Inspections
    • Wildlife Hazards
    • Lithium Battery Hazards

    • Impacts of Drugs and Alcohol
    • Vision Impairment
    • Determining Fitness for Flight
    • Physiological Considerations
    • Part 107 Regulations Requirements

    • Registering for Airman Knowledge Test
    • 300+ FAA Test Questions
    • Best Study Practices
    • Applying on IACRA
    • Applying for the Remote Pilot Certificate
    • UAS Code of Conduct
    • Remote Pilot Responsibilities
    • Privacy
    • Mitigating Risks
    • FAA 'Dirty Dozen'
    • Communication

    • Risk Management
    • Hazard Identification
    • Historical Data
    • Risk Matrix
    • Likelihood of Risk
    • Severity of Risk
    • Risk Mitigation
    • Pilot Considerations
    • Customer Expectations

    • Considerations
    • Customizations
    • Implementation
    • Flight Planning
    • Preflight
    • Crew Briefing
    • Flight Execution
    • Emergency Procedures
    • Post Flight
    • Maintenance

    • Hazard Identification
    • Satellite Imagery
    • Flight Planning
    • Manmade Structures
    • Terrain Variations
    • Natural Obstructions
    • Low-Level Turbulence
    • Interference

    • Forecast Sources
    • METARs
    • TAFs
    • Visibility, Clouds
    • Sky Condition
    • Precipitation
    • Wind
    • Temperature
    • Part 107 Requirements
    • Go/No-Go Decision Making

    • Airspace Classifications
    • Controlled Airspace
    • Uncontrolled Airspace
    • Prohibited and Restricted Areas
    • TFRs
    • LAANC Authorizations

    • Part 107 Requirements
    • Roles
    • Responsibilities
    • Positioning
    • Crew Management
    • Crew Briefing
    • Communication Methods
    • Communication Procedures

    • Aerodynamics
    • Aircraft Axes
    • Angle of Attack
    • Turbulent Air
    • Weight and Balance

    • Prevention
    • Disorientation Responses
    • Practice Maneuvers
    • Close Range Line of Sight
    • Medium/Long Range Line of Sight
    • First Person View

    • Prevention
    • Emergency Responses
    • GPS Signal Loss
    • Datalink Interference
    • Compass Errors
    • Flyaways
    • Hardware and Software Failures
    • Battery Issues
    • Collisions

    • Types of Communications
    • CTAFs
    • Scanners
    • Transceivers
    • Standard Format
    • Common Conventions
    • Traffic Patterns
    • Aircraft Position

    • Manufacturer Recommendations
    • Preflight Inspections
    • Post Flight Inspections
    • Flight Logs
    • Aircraft Logs
    • Patterns of Wear and Tear
    • Maintenance Protocols

    • Battery Types
    • Capacity
    • Specifications
    • Charge Cycle
    • Discharging
    • Maintenance
    • Damage
    • Disposal
    • Storage
    • Flight Regulations

    • Registration Requirements
    • Responsibility of Remote PIC
    • Daylight Operations
    • Hazardous Operations
    • Crew Regulations
    • Operating Limitations
We supply the drone, just be ready to fly!

What You Get

  • 2 days of in-person training
  • 16+ hours of online classes
  • 3 outdoor flight sessions (drone provided)
  • Access to full online Part 107 course, 300+ practice test questions, last minute test prep webinar
  • Money-back guarantee on drone license exam*

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Curriculum designed by drone experts to make you successful.

You'll walk away feeling confident on your equipment and ready to launch into drones.

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Amelia Owre

Fire Scout UAS Curriculum Developer, Navy Helicopter Pilot

A former Navy helicopter pilot, Amelia flew the SH-60F, HH-60H & MH-60S before transitioning to unmanned systems. She spent 5 years developing curriculum & training for the Navy’s MQ-8 Fire Sco ut UAS, & continues to instruct UAS operators as a current Naval reservist. Amelia is a graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy & holds a Commercial Pilot Certificate.

Why Complete the DARTdrones Wings?

Perfect for novice pilots

This training program is designed to get you started in drones even if you have no previous experience.

We provide the drone

Fly our drone and learn about the opportunities in drones before committing to purchasing a drone.

Comprehensive training

This training program gives you everything you need to get started and be successful in drones.

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Show off your DARTdrones Wings to future employers to highlight that you've been professionally trained.

Access to our extensive alumni network

We have thousands of alumni across the country and train some of the largest organizations in the world. Join the ranks of the nation's leading drone pilots.

Learn from successful drone pilots

Our instructors all fly drones professionally and will share with you real word experience about getting into drones.


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