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Reduce Risk and Ensure the Success of Commercial sUAS Operations

These 14 scenario-based e-learning courses take you through interactive sUAS flight issues and emergency scenarios to get you ready for real-world missions.

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Real World Flight Planning and Execution course built by

  • Amelia Owre, Fire Scout UAS Curriculum Developer, Navy Helicopter Pilot
  • Colin Romberger, Embry Riddle Masters in UAS
  • Jerry White, Airline Pilot & Business Owner

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Gain access to 14 expert e-courses to experience real-world flight issues and scenarios, so you’re ready for successful sUAS missions. Our Real-World Flight Planning and Execution Program is an extensive scenario-based e-learning program which will prove that you and your team of pilots are safe, competent, and have a standardized level of knowledge.

Access 14 Scenario-Based Micro Courses

    • UAS Code of Conduct
    • Remote Pilot Responsibilities
    • Privacy
    • Mitigating Risks
    • FAA 'Dirty Dozen'
    • Communication
    • Risk Management
    • Hazard Identification
    • Historical Data
    • Risk Matrix
    • Likelihood of Risk
    • Severity of Risk
    • Risk Mitigation
    • Pilot Considerations
    • Customer Expectations
    • Considerations
    • Customizations
    • Implementation
    • Flight Planning
    • Preflight
    • Crew Briefing
    • Flight Execution
    • Emergency Procedures
    • Post Flight
    • Maintenance
    • Hazard Identification
    • Satellite Imagery
    • Flight Planning
    • Manmade Structures
    • Terrain Variations
    • Natural Obstructions
    • Low-Level Turbulence
    • Interference
    • Forecast Sources
    • METARs
    • TAFs
    • Visibility, Clouds
    • Sky Condition
    • Precipitation
    • Wind
    • Temperature
    • Part 107 Requirements
    • Go/No-Go Decision Making
    • Airspace Classifications
    • Controlled Airspace
    • Uncontrolled Airspace
    • Prohibited and Restricted Areas
    • TFRs
    • LAANC Authorizations
    • Part 107 Requirements
    • Roles
    • Responsibilities
    • Positioning
    • Crew Management
    • Crew Briefing
    • Communication Methods
    • Communication Procedures
    • Aerodynamics
    • Aircraft Axes
    • Angle of Attack
    • Turbulent Air
    • Weight and Balance
    • Prevention
    • Disorientation Responses
    • Practice Maneuvers
    • Close Range Line of Sight
    • Medium/Long Range Line of Sight
    • First Person View
    • Prevention
    • Emergency Responses
    • GPS Signal Loss
    • Datalink Interference
    • Compass Errors
    • Flyaways
    • Hardware and Software Failures
    • Battery Issues
    • Collisions
    • Types of Communications
    • CTAFs
    • Scanners
    • Transceivers
    • Standard Format
    • Common Conventions
    • Traffic Patterns
    • Aircraft Position
    • Manufacturer Recommendations
    • Preflight Inspections
    • Post Flight Inspections
    • Flight Logs
    • Aircraft Logs
    • Patterns of Wear and Tear
    • Maintenance Protocols
    • Battery Types
    • Capacity
    • Specifications
    • Charge Cycle
    • Discharging
    • Maintenance
    • Damage
    • Disposal
    • Storage
    • Flight Regulations
    • Registration Requirements
    • Responsibility of Remote PIC
    • Daylight Operations
    • Hazardous Operations
    • Crew Regulations
    • Operating Limitations

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Meet our Real World Flight Planning and Execution developers

  • Amelia Owre

    Fire Scout UAS Curriculum Developer, Navy Helicopter Pilot
  • Colin Romberger

    Embry Riddle Masters in UAS
  • Jerry White

    Airline Pilot & Business Owner

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