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Who Is Attending Drone School

The demand for licensed drone pilots will increase substantially within the next two to five years. Attending a respected drone school today allows students to build skills that can serve them and their community far into the future.

The growing need for commercial drone services has led to a global expansion of drone schools and training for technology buffs who want to start a side gig or build a full-time freelance career. Aspiring drone pilots can attend drone school online or in-person, depending on their learning goals and how extensive their drone training needs are.

Online drone school classes provide inexpensive options for drone pilots who have some experience flying drones already and want to get their license to earn money with drones.

Who Is Attending Drone School?

People who attend drone school learn a variety of operational and practical skills. These skills appeal to everyone from grade school students to retirees looking to supplement a fixed income or embark on a new career. The level of training needed depends on age, skill level, and desired outcome.

Drones with K-12 Students

Can kids use drones?A grade school student taking a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) class is likely to be flying a drone for the very first time. Young students may learn coding and robotic-building skills along with hands-on drone flight skills. Students in grades K-12 may attend summer and after-school STEM drone programs, but drone school is most popular with elementary students.

Drone training advances learning in computer programming and prepares students for drone piloting and other tech careers.

How Drones are Benefiting Teachers

A two-week drone class can help current educators earn drone pilot certification from the Federal Aviation Administration to provide drone training to their students. Both grade school and undergraduate teachers can help students advance various skills through drone training courses.

As drone school students master the art of flying drones, they also develop a better understanding of physics, how the drones work, their different parts, and drone mechanics and repair. Some teachers create a drone training curriculum that teaches students how to design and build drones and helps them prepare to earn FAA drone pilot certification.

Military Personnel Utilizing Drones

Currently, three Marine Corps Bases (MCB) provide drone training for Marines at facilities dedicated to Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (SUAS) training. Marines can attend the Training and Logistics Support Activity (TALSA) drone school at Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii, Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, or Camp Pendleton, California.



Drone Options for Retirees

Increasingly, retirees interested in earning post-retirement income are attending drone school and learning to fly drones. Retired individuals who get drone pilot certification can develop side gigs or net income as freelancers without committing to a full-time job. Freelancing allows drone pilots to earn money and make their own schedule and enjoy the freedom to take time off whenever they like.

Private and Commercial Drone Pilots

Manned Pilots attending drone schoolPilots of crewed aircraft attend drone school to enhance flight skills, increase their income-earning potential, and expand their career options. Flying drones is a lucrative career option for pilots who wish to continue flying past the mandatory retirement age of 65 years for aircraft pilots.

Drone Freelancers

Anyone who is interested in technology and wants to develop a side hustle or start a full-time business with drones usually attends drone school or drone training. And to make money with drones, drone pilots must pass the FAA’s Part 107 certification test.

The test is complex, and aspiring drone pilots who want to earn any compensation from flying drones will benefit from taking at least a short online drone training course to pass the Part 107 test on the first attempt.

To learn more about drone school or drone training classes, contact DARTdrones today. DARTdrones offers various online and in-person drone training classes and courses designed to enhance drone flying skills and flight knowledge and help everyone from beginners to experienced drone pilots earn credentials and gain professional licensing.



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