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The Best Father’s Day Gifts for 2021

Father’s Day is June 20, 2021, which means it’s already time to start thinking about what to give your loved ones. Whether for your father, your husband, significant other, or other loved one, with out help – one of the best Father’s Day gifts awaits him in 2021.

What do you give to the man who has everything? On the other hand, what do you give to the guy who never does anything for himself because he’s always putting others first? It’s a tough question, but maybe not as difficult as you think. Coupon books full of “good-for-ones” go a long way, but consider kicking it up a notch this year, think about giving the gift of a training course to learn how to fly a drones.


The Best Father’s Day Gifts Make Dreams Come True


Does the man in your life secretly wish he had become a fighter pilot? Does he long for the day when he can make his dreams come true by piloting a really cool plane? Does he need a change of pace from his regular monotony at work, or does he feel stuck in a rut after a pandemic year? Is he a techie? Does he like to spend time outside? Is he into photography or videography?

Even without an innate desire to pilot a plane or ability to deal with tech, a guy can really expand his horizons and get out of his daily grind with a fun day training to fly a drone through a drone training academy.


The Best Father’s Day Gifts are Unforgettable

For Father’s Day, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity awaits for your loved one to learn to fly a drone and become an actual drone pilot! Not only will he gain the experience and learn something new, but he gets to train with actual professional pilots! He can be trained successfully and fully at a drone training school. DARTdrones offers a variety of courses, but you can start your loved one off with the basics.

Even better, you could join him and train to be a drone pilot as well! You’d have something to bond over and share together. You’d both have experiences you could share with family and friends as you tell them how much fun it was to learn how to pilot a drone together. When you learn something new, you gain knowledge that lasts for years. When you learn it while spending time together, you create memories that last a lifetime.


Time together in a drone basic flight training course at a drone training school like DARTdrones would make your Father’s Day gift to your loved one unforgettable. Part of the benefits of the DARTdrones basic flight training course are:

  • Drone training instructors are actual pilots of manned aircraft
  • You don’t have to own your own drone to participate
  • In-person courses are offered in 28 states
  • It’s great for aviation buffs


Sign up for a drone training course with your dad, husband, or loved one and share the unique gift of time together having fun doing something new that you can bond together over and create memories.


The Best Father’s Day Gifts are Convenient


DARTdrones offers in-person drone training classes across the nation as well as live, virtual courses for those who are unable to travel. Virtual classes are limited in size to create an organic experience, and the professional instructors are still directly part of the training.

Don’t forget DARTdrones offers a wide variety of other courses that may be most interesting to your loved one. For example, check out the drones for beginners course that lets people learn at their own pace over a period of 6 months from the comfort of their home.



The Best Father’s Day Gifts Build on Something That’s Already Great


Set your loved one up for a basic flight training course, a drones for beginners course, or a virtual basic flight training course. If he likes it, he can even go on to train for and certify as a drone pilot with the Part 107 Airman Knowledge Exam. DARTdrones makes it easy to continue to build on the knowledge gained in one course to rise to the next level of achievement desired in more advanced courses and certifications.

Your loved one is already great and learning all about drones is great. Give your loved one experience with the drones in a drone training course, and voila! Your loved one becomes even greater!


The Best Father’s Day Gifts are Unique


Some dads want some adventure, and some like going on a hike.

Some dads like a new hoodie, and some dads want a new bike.

Instead of new razor or socks, and instead of some pants or a phone

Consider giving your time, and train to fly a drone.


While the limerick is something light, the gift of time is not. Remember that sharing yourself is best, because that’s all your loved ones really ever want is to spend time with you. Let them train on their own or with you, but either way, you’re giving them a gift of memories for a lifetime. Give the best Father’s Day gifts this year by taking a quick trip to the drone school DARTdrones.com to sign your loved one up and even yourself up for some top notch instruction and fun training on how to fly a drone.



About the Author

Sarah Cavalcanti joined DARTdrones in 2021 after relocating to Salt Lake City from her hometown of Atlanta, Georgia. As the Digital Marketing Associate, Sarah is a key member of the Marketing department and manages brand, social media efforts, and DARTdrones’ strategic marketing strategies. Sarah’s enthusiasm for the drone industry began via her education, receiving a Bachelor in Fine Arts with a concentration in photography as well as a personal love of videography.

DARTdrones is the nation’s leader in drone training, program development and consultation, offering online and in-person courses in 40+ cities across the United States. DARTdrones takes pride in their comprehensive curriculum, developed by a former US Navy Helicopter pilot, as well as their 40+ flight instructors who are all manned and unmanned aircraft pilots. Visit us online at www.dartdrones.com, call 800-264-3907 or email the DARTdrones Team at [email protected] to learn more.


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