Have one of our instructors come to your organization for a Custom, Private Corporate Training at Your Location

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Custom Training for Companies

Are multiple members of your company learning to fly drones commercially? Instead of coming to one of our Open Enrollment courses, one of our expert flight instructors can come to your group and customize our training for your needs.

Part 107 Test Prep Course

Get your employees ready to be commercial drone operators. In order to fly commercially, drone pilots need to pass the FAA’s Airman Knowledge Test under Part 107. Our Part 107 Test Prep course gives students everything they need to pass this exam. All students who complete our in-person Part 107 Test Prep also gain access to our full online Part 107 Test Prep Course.

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Drone Flight Training

Make sure your employees become safe, legal drone pilots. There are a lot of rules, regulations, and complexities to flying drones. Our instructors provide students with in-depth, hands-on training on the Phantom, Inspire, and other drone models. Our 8-hour class goes into detail about the Federal Aviation Administration rules, regulations, and safety, in addition to emergency procedures, aircraft components, flight modes and vision positioning, calibration considerations, and details on the DJI Go App, and its many functions.

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Consultations and Full Implementation


Many companies plan to launch drones within their organization, but get stuck figuring out how the rules and regulations for drones effect their business concept. Have one of our consultants help you through a free assessment of your drone program.


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What does my company need to do to fly drones commercially?

The FAA’s announcement of its new Part 107 Airmen Knowledge Test has replaced the need for the 333 Exemption, as well as the need for a pilot’s license. Pilots will be expected to pass the FAA Knowledge Test at a local FAA computer testing center. DARTdrones’ UAS Ground School Course teaches students how to pass this test.

Will your class provide me with certification for my commercial UAS pilot’s license?

Our classes are designed to train and prepare our customers to become commercially certified drone pilots, however, we can’t provide them with commercial certification ourselves. The only way to become commercially certified would be to pass the FAA’s Part 107 Airmen Knowledge Test at a local FAA computer testing center.

Who are the instructors at DARTdrones?

Our instructors have more than 250 years of aviation experience. Meet our instructors on our About Us page.

Where do you offer corporate courses?

DARTdrones’ flight instructors travel to our corporate clients’ locations. We are able to provide training anywhere in the United States or Internationally.

How long is the training?

Our courses will be customized to your needs and will vary in length and duration.

Can we use our company’s location?

In a corporate training event, our instructor travels to your team to offer the class.

How many employees can you train at a time?

We are able to customize our training to however many people you need in each session (price varies). However, we advise a smaller group for the flight training portion to ensure each person gets enough flying time.

How far in advance should we schedule training?

We advise our customers to schedule training at least a month and a half in advance. That gives us enough time to check our flight instructors’ availability. However, we work hard to accommodate our customers who would like to expedite their training.

What type of drone do your flight instructors use?

The type of drone our instructors use varies from class to class. If you are looking for training on a specific drone, please let us know! With the custom consultations, we can also recommend different drone models to best suit your needs.