Dennis Fisher

Drone Business Owner and Manned Aircraft Pilot
  • Aviation Experience

    3000+ Hours
  • Expertise

    Construction, Real Estate, Mapping, Surveying, Volumetric Surveying, Building & Infrastructure Inspections, Thermal inspections, Agricultural, and Sporting Events
  • Pilot Rating

    Commercial, ASEL, AMEL, CFII, CFIG, and UAS pilot rating
DARTdrones’ Instructor Dennis Fisher is a drone business owner and manned aircraft pilot based out of Dayton, Ohio. Dennis possesses a Commercial, ASEL, AMEL, CFII, CFIG, and UAS pilot rating with 3,000+ manned flight hours and 300+ unmanned flight hours. Dennis’s business, Rapid Aerial Imaging, offers multi-rotor and fixed wing aerial platforms for real estate marketing imagery, mapping and 3D modeling products, building and infrastructure inspections, search and rescue, aviation accident investigations and more.

Dennis has been operating sUAS aircraft since 2015 and was one of the first 500 individuals to receive a 333 Exemption. Dennis sUAS specialties include construction, real estate, mapping, surveying, volumetric surveying, building & infrastructure inspections, thermal inspections, agricultural, and sporting events.

Dennis is versed in flying various multirotor aircraft including Phantom 4, Mavic 2 and 3, Mavic Enterprise Dual, Matrice 300 & 600, Autel EVO II Dual and Pro, eBee fixed wing, E-384 Fixed Wing, and Cinestar 8