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Why Is It Important to Get Drone Training?

With drones becoming more and more popular it is important to know and follow the FAA rules and regulations regarding drones, and thus get drone training. Most people that are interested in buying a drone are not aware of the rules and regulations put in place by the FAA. Going out and flying a drone can be very reckless without the proper training.

If a new drone pilot is proactive about learning everything needed before taking off the internet is a great place to start; however, not all drone pilots are this way. For those drone pilots that do not want to spend hours on the internet learning everything you need to know before take off, drone training is for you.


At DARTdrones, we advocate safety for every drone pilot. We have classes that range from beginner levels all the way up to expert, so if you are a new drone pilot looking to learn the ropes, or an intermediate pilot that wants to get even better we have the classes for you.

Having knowledge of the rules and regulations is one thing, but actually knowing how to fly and set up a drone is another.

Not knowing how to properly set up a drone for flight is very dangerous. If you do not calibrate the drone correctly, or have the batteries charged fully it can get you in some major trouble. With the popularity of drones growing rapidly it is inevitable that the number of drone crashes will also rise.


The video below shows how important it is to charge the batteries and do preflight checks. The skier could have been seriously injured or even killed if the drone had hit him.


Being aware of your surroundings is also another big aspect of flying a drone. Doing some research before you fly in a new location is very important. Knowing if there is a restricted no fly zone nearby, like an airport, or locating any radio antennas nearby that might interfere with the drone and cause it to crash.


Knowing everything one needs to know is not only important for safety, but it also makes the pilot much more confident while flying the drone. It is imperative that every drone pilot has the proper training and is aware of the laws and regulations for their own safety and the safety of others. Owning and piloting a drone is much more complex and comes with more responsibility than people actually think. Fly your drone in a safe and responsible way. Be prepared and know your surroundings.

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