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7 Surprising Traits That Drones and Dogs Share

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There may be no obvious link between drones and dogs, but it’s our job to surprise you!

We’ve spotted seven key things that drones and dogs share.

And our list begins with …

  1. Both Need Their Owners to Be Trained

Your mechanical or furry friend needs to know you’re its master.

Many dog training schools put the emphasis on the owner. This is because the owner needs to understand their dog, and gain its respect.

Think of your drone the same way.

You need to understand its abilities and learn its limits. And of course, you need to train yourself to pilot your drone as safely and proficiently as possible.

      2. Both Need a Name

The only dogs we’ve heard of with no names are either homeless or wild.

Let’s face it, the first thing you do when you take ownership of a dog is to name it. Whether you call the dog Butch, Fido or even Snoopy, the name you choose immediately gives the dog character, and helps you to bond with it.

Drones should be the same.

Often the names given to drones are deathly dull (for example, UDI U818A and Hubsan H107D). If you want your drone to have a personality – you need to give it a name. Just to get you started, here are some suggestions: Drona, Flighty and Quadra.

Of course, you could just go with Bob!

       3. Both Need to Know Their Boundaries

In most countries, off-leash dogs are barred from public places such as beaches, gardens and sports grounds. The reason is to prevent dogs from spreading disease, spoiling the natural beauty and to protect the public from any danger.

Despite drone regulations being controversial, if you compare drones to dogs, then it’s easy to see why banning drone flights from certain public areas makes sense. To give just one example, in a public park, a drone can create noise, invade privacy and put people’s safety at risk.

Drones and dogs should know where they are welcome – and where they are not.

       4. Both Need Accessories

What’s the first thing you do when you get a puppy? Accessorize!

Yes, depending on your tastes (and budget), you might choose a custom collar, lead, cage, blanket and toys.

Drones are no different.

There are loads of cool accessories available. Some essential, some just for fun. We recommend at the bare minimum that you invest in a travel case, spare batteries and propeller blades.

       5. Both Need to Be Kept Under Control

Most dogs are cuddly, friendly and great companions. However, there is always a risk that they can turn nasty – often unexpectedly.

For this reason, dogs are usually trained, and kept under control when in public. Thankfully, incidents involving dogs are few and far between.

Drones too, need to be kept under control by a skillful owner. An out of control drone can be a very dangerous beast indeed.

Our advice: Be safe, and fly sensibly at all times.

      6. Both Need Feeding

Dogs need to eat (and usually something meaty!). They also need an around-the-clock supply of water.

Drones need to eat too. Only in this case, their food is pure energy!

Unless you have a hydrogen-powered drone, then you’ll  need to feed your drone with electricity. We’re not sure how tasty this is, but drones seem to love it!

As for fluids… drones are not too keen on water, but their mechanical parts are partial to the odd drop of oil.

      7. Both Like to Have Fun

Dogs are playful and fun-loving animals. We’ve heard owners say their dogs are like little children – full of curiosity, vitality and mischief.

Drones are definitely fun too.

The first time you lift off a drone from the ground you’ll be immediately captivated by the magic and wonder of piloting a flying robot. From there, you can enjoy thrilling aerial photography, or perhaps learn to fly your drone in an acrobatic fashion.

So, now you know some of the traits that drones and dogs share.

One caveat though.

Drones and dogs, like fire and ice, are a bad combination. Please keep the two as far apart as possible. Your drone and dog will thank you for it.

Did we miss any traits that drones and dogs share?

We’d love to hear your thoughts.

Here is a picture of DARTdog for your viewing pleasure!



This article was written by Craig J Todd. He is a freelance tech writer and the co-founder of FlightBots and VR Loaded.

You can connect with Craig via his Twitter account.

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