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Over $300,000 in Grant Funds Awarded to 80+ Departments in Round One of the DARTdrones Public Safety Drone Training Grant Program

In February 2018, the DARTdrones Team announced the launch of their Public Safety Grant Program to honor the one-year anniversary of their appearance on ‘ABC’s Shark Tank’. At the launch of their grant program, the company pledged to offer $100,000 in public safety drone training grant funds as a commitment to save more lives with drones. They declared that their $100,000 pledge was just the beginning – which was an accurate statement as DARTdrones ended up pledging over $300,000 in free drone training to over 80 police and fire departments around the country. DARTdrones is excited to announce the launch of Round Two of their Public Safety Drone Training Grant.

Drone Training Grant Round One Recap: $300,000+ Pledged

Within the first month of Round One being launched, DARTdrones awarded funding to over 40 public safety departments nationwide. Based on the unique needs and sUAS use cases of each department, most grant recipients were awarded the following package: 2 free spots in In-Person Flight Training courses, 2 free spots in Part 107 Test Prep courses, 2 free spots in 11 online continuing education courses, and assistance with a COA application as well as credit towards private, on-site training.

DARTdrones Chief Public Safety Flight Instructor, Mike Uleski, commented on Round One of the grant program stating: “2018 is shaping up to be the year of the drone for public safety. Very few technologies have so quickly revolutionized the day-to-day operations for law enforcement, fire/rescue, and emergency management. As a professional in the public safety sector, it is an honor to assist other agencies integrating unmanned aerial systems into their operations. It is indisputable that this technology provides a safer working environment, but also allows us to better serve the citizens we protect.”

Department's awarded funding in first month vs end of Round One.

Awarded Public Safety Departments in Round One

  • St Michaels Fire Department
  • San Marcos Pass Volunteer Fire Department
  • Gilt Edge Volunteer Fire Department
  • Hershey Volunteer Fire Department
  • Solomons VRSFD
  • Sharon Police Department
  • Glassboro OEM
  • Killeen Police Department
  • Wicksburg Volunteer Fire Rescue Department Inc.
  • Jackson County Sheriff Dept
  • Orange CT
  • Artesia Police Department
  • Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office (SWAT)
  • Harnett County Sheriff’s Office
  • Corona Police Department
  • Kansas City, Missouri Police department
  • Nashua Police Department, New Hampshire
  • Nashua Police Department, Iowa
  • Demarest PD
  • Cheswold Volunteer Fire Company
  • Factoryville Fire Company
  • Hamilton County Emergency
  • Atlantic City Police
  • DuBoistown Fire Department
  • Golden Valley Police Department
  • Washington Volunteer Fire Department
  • Cheshire County Sheriff’s Office
  • Grand County Sheriff’s Office
  • Marshall County Drug Task Force
  • City of Bryan Fire Department
  • Manchester Emergency Management
  • Department of Emergency Services Chester County PA
  • Washington County Department of Public Safety
  • Paris Fire Department
  • Day County Search and Rescue
  • Huntley Police Department
  • Colorado Parks and Wildlife, Cherry Creek State Park
  • Warrensburg Fire Department
  • Plainfield Police Dept.
  • State Attorney’s Offcie 4th Judicial Circuit
  • Flagler Beach Police Department
  • Blue Springs Police Department
  • Jones County Sheriff’s Office
  • N Okaloosa CERT
  • Central Valley HIDTA
  • Florida Atlantic University
  • Manitowoc Police Department
  • City of Beacon Police Department
  • Newton County Sheriff’s Office
  • Ocean Shores Police Department
  • St. John’s Fire District
  • Spotswood Police Department
  • Midwest City Police Department
  • Farmington Hills Police Dept
  • Vigilant Hose Company No. 1 of Port Vue, PA
  • Number One Volunteer Fire Department
  • Niles Police
  • Keyport Police Department
  • Colchester Fire Department
  • Kernersville Police Department
  • Sanilac County Sheriff’s Office
  • Martinsville Fire & EMS
  • Arlington County Fire Department
  • Greensboro Fire Department
  • Arab Police Department
  • Town of Greenburgh Police Department
  • Hamden Police Department
  • Flagstaff P. D.
  • Sharon Fire Department
  • Yarmouth Police Department
  • Laguna Beach Police Department
  • West Valley City Police Department
  • Surf City Fire Department
  • Endwell Fire
  • Vermont State Police
  • City of Manchester Police Department & Clay County School Board
  • Bell County Rescue Squad
  • Westborough Police Department
  • Milford Police Department
  • Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office
  • California Department of Fish & Wildlife

See What Drone Training Grant Recipient’s Are Saying

Westborough Police Department

“Recently we had Michael Uleski of DARTdrones instruct our unit on the physiology of night flight, thermal imaging, & aerial search and rescue. The course was taught over two days and Mike was an awesome instructor, clearly knowledgeable. A number of Operators commented on how easy Mike’s instruction and demonstrations were, he followed up his instruction with real world application, he was impressive. The training provided by DARTdrones was valuable and it shows why DARTdrones is a leader in the industry!” – Detective Michael Daniels of the Westborough Police Department

Manchester Emergency Management

First, the class delivered more than we expected or you advertised. Manchester Emergency Management during their on-site drone training.

Second, Mike has such a vast knowledge of flying, FAA requirements, the different products on the market and he is a great ambassador for DARTdrones. (Unfortunately, I have had the unpleasant fortune of attending other classes where the instructor was not knowledgeable, burnt out or just sour and not engaged. This WAS NOT the case with Mike!) He is professional, enthusiastic, experienced and knowledgeable. (Did I say knowledgeable enough)? He has forgotten more than we will ever know about drones and flying! I can not speak highly enough about him. 

Third, one additional side benefit Mike possesses is the fact he is a firefighter and police officer. He can speak “our language” – he’s been there – done that. This knocks down some barriers that many public safety officers have with instructors who have never experienced what they have experienced. He talks and understands our language. This is a HUGE asset!” – Donald Janelle of Manchester Emergency Management

City of Bryan Fire Department 

“The course was held at the City of Bryan Police and Fire Complex in Bryan, Ohio. Ten people from Bryan Fire Dept. and Williams Co. Sheriff’s Office, five from each agency, attended the training. The five firefighters have successfully passed their part 107 test and are beginning to receive temporary certificates. We are ready to begin flight training on our UAS and plan to be operational in October. While I did not attend the course (already certified), everyone I spoke with found the course very informative and engaging. Wonderful comments about the course instructor. I found the students well informed and knowledgeable about relevant information necessary to successfully test. 

We intend to use the drone to assist with fire ground operations, investigate possible hazmat releases for identification and access to the incident. We would assist with search operation for missing persons. The Sheriff has used his to photo accident scenes and assisting ground personnel to locate items known to be in a corn field.” – Douglas A. Pool, Assistant Fire Chief of Bryan Fire Department

Sanilac County Sheriff’s Office

“In March of 2018 I, Sgt. Ron DuBois, was in the process of researching what was needed to start a UAV program for our Sheriff’s Office. While searching through information I found Dart Drones. I learned about their company and training program. I also found that they were offering a public safety grant to help agencies get training. The application process was simple and easy to understand. I was surprised to get a call soon after the application announcing that we had been awarded the grant. One of the best parts was how easy it was the accept the grant. Some grants have many string attached, matched funding, or restrictions. This grant was easy, either choose to put the funds towards hosting your own course or attend one of the many courses offered around the country. Simple.
In July 2018 Sgt. Moore and Sgt. DuBois of the Sanilac County Sheriff’s Office attended to the Basic Flight and Part 107 prep course by Dart Drones in Chicago. The instructor was Rick Mills.  Rick presented himself in a professional manner and clearly has lots of experience in general teaching. Rick did an excellent job going over the basics of flight and equipment. After the class the online resources and practiced tests were amazing tools. After about 2 weeks of studying we both took the test and passed on the first try and I’m proud to tout my 95% score.
The Sanilac County Sheriff’s Office plans on starting a sUAS program in the very near future. The program will include training requirements, policies, and documentation requirements. We intend on buying two DJI systems to meet our needs, one for main missions and one for training and supplemental missions. The sUAS will be used in accident investigations, crime scene documentation, tactical operations, and search and rescue. Being a large rural county with a large international body of water, the search and rescue benefits of aircraft are nothing new to us. We have been using a volunteer Aero Unit with fixed wing aircraft for years. The drone program will further those capabilities by allowing easier small area detail searching and by using the advanced optics systems. The drone will be our primary aviation asset at night.” – Sergeant Ron DuBois of Sanilac County Sheriff’s Office

Apply for a Public Safety Drone Training Grant

DARTdrones has recently launched Round Two of their grant program. As an approach to save more lives with drones and get more public safety drone programs off the ground, the DARTdrones Public Safety Grant provides full or partial funding to departments for courses such as Part 107 Test Prep Training, Basic Flight Training, Search and Rescue Training, Accident Investigation and Aerial Disaster Response Training, and a number of consulting and legal documentation writing services.

To learn more and apply for Round Two grant funding, click here.

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