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We get it. Buying your first drone is a huge investment! We know it can feel like a daunting process choosing a drone that’s going to be right for you. We’d like to help you compare a few of our favorite DJI  drones; specifically the DJI Phantom 2 Vision Plus, the DJI Phantom 3, and the DJI Inspire. All of these products come out of the box ready to fly with a camera. No matter what UAS (Unmanned Aircraft Systems) you choose, you need to seriously consider getting trained. It’s your responsibility to act safely and protect your investment. DARTdrones Flight Academy offers courses on each of the following models.

The DJI Phantom 2 Vision +

The DJI Phantom 2 Vision Plus was the coolest thing out there at Christmas 2014. With a three axis gimbal that stabilizes the 1080P camera, this drone could be perfect for you.

phantom-2-vision-plusWho It’s Perfect For: The Phantom 2 Vision Plus is perfect for someone trying to test the waters to see if they are destined to be a drone enthusiast. It’s very likely that using this reduced price machine will be a great training drone and one that you are able to learn to fly on. Later, you can upgrade to the latest product on the market.

Price: It started at $1299, but since the launch of the DJI Phantom 3, the price has dropped to $937. DARTdrones is selling ours at $850. Choosing a drone like the Phantom 2 Vision Plus is pretty tempting at this price point.

The DJI Phantom 3

In April, DJI announced the Phantom 3, the latest in the DJI Phantom line. The Phantom 3 comes in two styles, the Advanced and the Professional. The major difference between the two is the Professional uses a 4K camera.

The major upgrades from the Phantom 2 Vision + is that the Phantom 3:

  • Eliminated fish eye of the Phantom 2 Vision +
  • More Powerful Motors
  • Upgraded Batteries
  • Ability to fly indoors

Price: The Phantom 3 Advanced retails at $999 and the Phantom 3 Professional retails at $1259.

The Inspire

If you have ever seen an Inspire, you know that this thing is much more serious, intimidating, and awesome than the Phantoms! The Inspire is the real deal. With a 4K camera, the ability to fly indoors, and the ability to spin the camera (instead of spinning the whole Phantom). The other major upgrade of the Inspire is the dual controller. One person can focus on flying while a person on a separate controller can focus on capturing amazing photos.

Who It’s Perfect For: If you are sold on drones and know that you are committed to using it for multiple purposes, the Inspire shows your seriousness and gives you credibility in the industry. The Inspire is not a toy and proves to be an exceptional piece of equipment.

Price: The inspire with one controller retails at $2,899 and the Inspire with dual controllers retails at $3,399.


NB: DARTdrones sells both the Phantom 2 and the Inspire, so, we might be a little biased. However, we only sell drones we personally love. Check out all our stock in our Drone Shop.

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