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Best Drone Conferences

Drone conferences and tech shows are becoming more and more popular. The drone industry is expanding at a rapid rate and tech shows and conferences are the best places to showcase new technology. Here is our pick for the best drone conferences coming up in 2016!



The Drone Dealer Expo (April 11-13, 2016) is great for drone retailers, distributors, and resellers. Even if you are just interested in drones this is a great expo to attend.

“Over 40 industry experts will talk in over 50 sessions and 3 keynotes about drone distribution and market trends, merchandising and e-commerce techniques, best practices for selling, supporting and servicing drone buyers, selling to vertical markets, marketing and promotion, and the rapidly changing legal environment. More than 400 dealers, distributors, resellers, marketers and manufacturers are expected to attend the event.”

This expo is a great way to learn more about the industry as a whole as well as new and upcoming drone technology.

best drone conferences

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One of the major drone conferences in the United States is Interdrone. A 3-day (September 7-9, 2016) event that includes networking, conferences, and a drone film festival. Interdrone also has a Women in Drone luncheon that sets them apart from every other drone conference.

“The 2015 event featured, in particular, over 150 classes and sessions by high level speakers, and 14 new products and release announcements. It also attracted over 80 top market players as exhibitors and 3,000 professional attendees from 48 countries.

More than 100 classes, keynotes, and panels and 135 companies on the exhibit floor have already been confirmed for the 2016 event, covering the entire commercial drone industry including inspection, surveying and mapping, precision agriculture, aerial videography, regulation and more.”


Commercial UAV Expert


The Commercial UAV Expo is held in Las Vegas October 31st– November 2, 2016 and focuses on Surveying & Mapping; Civil Infrastructure; Mining; Construction; Process, Power & Utilities; Precision Agriculture; Law Enforcement, Security and Search & Rescue (SAR).

“Launched in 2015, this 3-day event, which included a trade show, conferences and networking sessions, was lauded as a huge success: it attracted over 120 exhibitors from 14 countries (including top industry players), over 70 top-notch presenters in technical sessions, and 1,500 high level professionals visiting from 30 countries.”




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Started in 2015 the Drone World Expo (November 15-16, 2016) gathered in California “to present real-world solutions based on drone technology to business and environmental challenges.”

“The Drone World Expo is among the top B2B drone events on a global scale, with over 2,100 high level professionals attending it in 2015, and an impressive list of top-notch speakers.

The 2-day conference featured sessions and case studies by 75 leaders and thinkers in the drone industry. The Drone World Expo also included special events (networking activities, live flying demos, and tech talks) and a big exposition presenting a broad range of applications and solutions, from imaging, mapping, surveying and inspection to precision agriculture, public safety, research and conservation.

The 2015 event was held in collaboration with the MAPPS Conference related to the geospatial applications of UAV technology.”

If you are interested in the drone industry as a whole attending one of these conferences, or any technology expo that has drones would be a great idea. It is hard to stay up to date with all the new drone technology; however, attending drone conferences can help keep you on top of the latest and greatest.

This article was written by Alex Martin. He is a junior at Texas Christian University studying Strategic Communication and a minor in Photography. He is from St. Louis, MO and loves playing hockey with his dad and water skiing at Lake Ariel. Alex is very interested in how the drone industry will expand in the coming years.

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