Learn to handle and operate your UAV like a pro Full Day Phantom and Inspire Training

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In-class learning experience

Learn all about the rules and regulations, the different models on the market, and find out which one is right for you. Understand the ins and outs of the DJI Go App and its many functions.

Flight time with our expert flight instructor

Once you are familiar with pre-fight basics, we take you outside to fly on your instructor’s DJI Phantom or Inspire. Maneuver around obstacle courses, learn to manually take-off and land your drone, and experiment with different heights and getting completely comfortable with the controller. 

Learn everything you need to get started

Our 8-hour class will go into detail about the Federal Aviation Administration rules, regulations, and safety, in addition to emergency procedures, aircraft components, flight modes and vision positioning, calibration considerations, and details on the DJI Go App, and its many functions including Follow Me, Way Points, Point of Interest, etc.

Join us for our Phantom and Inspire Training Courses

Full Day Phantom and Inspire Training

$ 580
  • 8-hour day of training

  • Includes indoor classroom time and outdoor flying

  • Small class size of 8 allows ample one-on-one time with our flight instructor

  • Courses offered in more than 25 cities throughout the United States

  • Bring your own UAV or use ours!

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November 6th:  Denver, Suffolk VA, San Fransisco (Fremont), Orlando, Miami

November 13th:  Raleigh, Chicago, Los Angeles (Irvine), Louisville, Boston, Portland OR, Tampa, Daytona Beach

November 20th: St. Louis, Richmond, Charlotte (Statesville), Atlanta, Mahwah (Suffern), Dallas, Seattle, Kansas City, Milwaukee/Kenosha, Indianapolis, Palm Beach

December 4thDenver, Orlando, Suffolk VA, Louisville, Miami

December 11thMahwah (Suffern), Chicago, San Fransisco (Irvine), Atlanta, Minneapolis, Fort Myers, Daytona Beach

December 18th: St. Louis, Los Angeles (Irvine), Charlotte (Statesville), Raleigh, Portland OR, Kansas City, Milwaukee/Kenosha, Indianapolis, Palm Beach

January 15thKansas City

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Learn More About Our Class

Phantom and Inspire Training Curriculum

Lesson I: The Federal Aviation Administration

  • Know Before You Fly
  • Rules for Recreational, Commercial, and Government Users
  • Part 107 Regulations


Lesson II: Safe Operations

  • FlySmart
  • Planning Your Flight
  • Emergency Procedures
  • Checklists
  • Flight Logs
  • Weather Considerations
  • Identifying Hazardous Obstacles


Lesson III: Location Checklist

  • Where and when can you fly legally?
  • Abiding By FAA Flight Restrictions
  • Identifying Restricted Areas
  • Temporary Flight Restrictions
  • Airspace Basics
  • Privacy Considerations


Lesson IV: Equipment Considerations

  • Top Drones on the Market
  • Fixed Wing Versus Multi-copter
  • Battery Considerations
  • Cameras and Gimbals
  • How to Avoid Pilot Disorientation
  • Understanding Capability of Equipment
  • How to Avoid Fly Aways


Lesson V: First Flight Basics

  • Aircraft Components
  • First Flight Basics
  • Flight Modes and Vision Positioning
  • Calibration Considerations
  • DJI User Settings – Simulator and Flight Recorder


Lesson VI: Advanced App Features

  • Emergency Procedures – Fail Safe, Return to Home, and Fly Aways
  • The Language of Lights
  • DJI User Settings – Simulator and Flight Recorder
  • Firmware Updates
  • DJI Go App Settings
  • Failsafe Settings
  • Return to Home Features
  • Gain and Expo Tuning
  • RC Control Settings
  • Master Stick Mode


Lesson VII: Intelligent Navigation Features

  • Course Lock – Aircraft Fixes Forward Nose Orientation
  • Home Lock – Aircraft Follows Direct Path to Home Point
  • Point of Interest – Aircraft Circles Designated Point
  • Follow Me – Aircraft follows the mobile device
  • Way Points – Aircraft Flys Along Programmed Flight Path


Flight Session

Hands-on flight instruction from one of our expert instructors.

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Talk to one of our experts today for any questions you might have and we will advise you on the best way to get started

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