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Learn more about starting a drone unit, budget planning, and the lives saved by drones!

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Learn more about starting a drone unit, budget planning, and the lives saved by drones!
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Custom UAV Training for Law Enforcement Develop the skills needed to safely operate UAV technology for law enforcement missions.

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Be Prepared For Any Situation

Unmanned aerial vehicles have quickly become one of the most beneficial tools for police and first responders. An officer can rapidly deploy a drone to provide aerial coverage, track a suspect, locate a missing person, assess an accident or crime scene, and much more – all while staying safely out of harm’s way. Our public safety courses prepare officers to operate drones safely and efficiently in situations where every moment counts.

  • New Operator
  • Pilot In Command
  • Custom Training
New Operator Pilot In Command Custom Training
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Become a certified drone operator and build your foundation with these entry level courses. Gain the skills, knowledge, and certifications needed to operate a UAV for your department. Work with our experts and build a package that meets your department's specific needs.
Basic Flight Training In-Person Course More Info

Our full day in-person Basic Flight Training course will equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to become an expert drone pilot. This course offers a combination of classroom training and hands-on flight sessions with one of our expert flight instructors. Limited class sizes guarantee that you will get adequate flight time and leave feeling confident in your abilities to fly!

Part 107 Test Prep In-Person Course More Info

The Part 107 Test Prep course will teach you everything you need to know in order to pass the FAA exam. Our in-person course is an 8-hour classroom learning experience with one of our expert drone instructors. We offer a money back guarantee if you fail the exam, but we are proud to say our students have a 99% pass rate!

Search and Rescue, Night Ops, & Thermal Workshop More Info

Learn to use your department’s UAV to gather critical information and locate a missing person. This extensive two-day course covers Aerial Search and Rescue, Thermal Imaging/FLIR, and Night Operations. From weather considerations to the psychology of a missing person, this course will prepare your department to successfully handle a rescue situation.

DJI Matrice 200 Series Flight Training In-Person Course More Info

Learn how to successfully operate the most advanced UAV platform available. Our in-person full day DJI Matrice 200 series training course offers a combination of hands-on flight training and classroom preparation led by our expert instructors. The DJI Matrice 200 series drones have advanced weather capabilities, extended battery life, and the ability to mount multiple cameras.

Accident Investigation Workshop More Info

This course will provide you with the skills needed to accurately collect aerial imagery at an accident scene. From geotagging photographs to manually processing scene maps, the Accident Investigation workshop will be available in July of 2018 for private trainings.

Standard Operating Procedures Manual Development More Info

It is important for your department to clearly define its approved UAS flight operations. You will receive this Public Safety Standard Operating Procedure Manual in the form of a Word Document. Customize the Procedures to fit the unique needs of your unit.

COA Submission More Info

Government agencies such as police departments, fire departments, and public universities may have the option to either fly under Part 107 or an FAA Certificate of Authorization (COA). We will assist your agency in deciding which option best fits your needs. If a COA is the right path for your agency, we can assist in filing a COA application.

Airspace Authorization and Waiver Submissions More Info

The FAA has laid out all of the regulations and limitations under which commercial sUAS pilots can operate. For some companies, the need may arise to conduct missions outside of these guidelines. To fly in controlled airspace, drone pilots need to apply for an Airspace Authorization Waiver from the FAA. To go beyond the FAA Regulations under Part 107 such as night flights, an application for a Waiver must be made to the FAA and additional training may be required. Our team can help you navigate this process.

Custom Training to Fit Your Unique Needs More Info

Need something more advanced or specific to your team? Not a problem. Work with our expert curriculum team to modify an existing training course or customize new training to fit your department’s specific needs.

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Free Resources to get you Started!

Still gathering information? That’s great! Here are some free resources to get you started. Read about the development of a drone unit within a police department, cover the budgetary requirements, and see how other public safety departments are successfully utilizing their unmanned aircraft in search and rescue missions.

  • Starting a Drone Unit in Law Enforcement

    Cover the research and planning needed to develop a Police UAV Unit.
  • Lives Saved by UAVs

    Read about the successful search and rescue missions of 2017 conducted with sUAS.
  • Complete Budget Planner

    Preview the budget considerations for developing a drone program.

The training we received from DARTdrones was extremely beneficial in getting our drone program up and running.  Two of our officers had never flown any type of drone before and they both left feeling comfortable and confident in their flying abilities. I would highly recommend DARTdrones.

Darren Foster
Sgt. , Maine State Police

We considered ourselves fairly "ready" and even questioned if we needed training. What turned out was a very extensive course. We implemented the techniques and skills learned and have already started practicing with them. The course was everything we needed and then some.

Joel A. Morales, III
Crime Scene Investigation Unit , McAllen Police Department

The instructor did a great job of getting us up to speed on the general aviation concepts. He did a fantastic job of getting us up and flying our drones. By the time we finished the course, our entire team was able to operate the crafts with confidence.

Paul Mahoney
Lt. Detective , Boston Police Department

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Training with DARTdrones is more than simply learning to fly. We will work with your department in all facets of building a successful UAV program. Our public safety training covers FAA Part 107 test preparation, hands-on flight training, Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), equipment procurement, night operations training, waiver applications, FAA regulations, local and state legislation, search and rescue training, and more. The curriculum and training your department will receive was professionally designed with content from experienced public safety UAV operators.


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