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Photo of Jack McIntosh

Jack McIntosh Private Pilot and Business Owner

  • Drone Instructor Hours:


  • Manned Aviation Experience:

    15 years

  • Pilot Rating:

    Private, IFR

  • Expertise:

    Manufacturing Technology

Jack McIntosh works for Precision Capture as a Forensics/UAV specialist and has been involved in aviation for over 20 years.  Jack is a private pilot with instrument rating with over 1000 flight hours. He also has over 500 hours flying UAV’s including DJI, Wingtra, Microdrones, Delair and more.  He specializes in mapping, surveying, LiDAR, search and rescue and accident reconstruction but also is involved with methane gas detection and other uses. He has an extensive background in areas such production, mechanical engineering and law enforcement.  Jack has certifications in Pix4D and Trimble software.

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