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Photo of Colin Romberger

Colin Romberger Embry Riddle Masters in UAS

  • Drone Instructor Hours:


  • Manned Aviation Experience:

    5 years

  • Pilot Rating:

    Private Pilot Certificate, Advanced Ground Instructor Certificate, Remote Pilot Certificate

  • Expertise:

    Unmanned Aerial Systems Design, Flight Operations Consultation, Aerial Inspection

Colin Romberger graduated from Embry Riddle Aeronautical University as one of the first five students to earn a Master’s Degree in Unmanned Aircraft Systems, with a focus in Flight Operations and Systems Design. Colin also holds multiple FAA Airman Certificates for manned aircraft operations. Colin was a skydiving instructor for multiple years with over 1500 recorded jumps and runs a sUAS services company focusing on mapping and inspections. At DARTdrones, Colin is responsible for ongoing instructor development initiatives as well as the coordination of sUAS Operations Consultation Services tailored to the specific use cases and operating environments of our corporate clients. He has consulted with numerous companies and organizations on their use of sUAS for a cross section of purposes.



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